SPriest in Solo Q

Casual spr player here. I’ve played every game to top 5% of rating, beginning with Halo 2, Gears of War 3 and Starcraft. I am not new to strategy and enjoy it completely, but this isn’t competition.

I Qd 7ish games today. Of them 5 were filled with melee and the others had a frost mage, so of course I got trained and had to rotate CDs perfectly with a healer, or lose vs two melee who can easily train a cloth with zero mobility.

The other problem is looking at the frost mage, who my dps partner could never connect to. I understand kiting but this is oppression, it literally makes me jealous as a caster that another caster can have that much of oppressive control of movement and that much damage. Can’t move, no chance of doing top damage, and locks get the dispel buff instead of a longer vt dispel punishment? It is decidedly better to dispel vt on cd.

I went from 2200 to 1950 in lobbies that just didn’t favor me.

Cherry on top is saving my UI and keybindings and then loading in to a game to try and bind every macro asap because nothing saved. That was cool.

I feel like content is purposefully funneling players into classic and hxc.

Because this content is actually ludacris. Game balancing isn’t hard.

We don’t need a new fotm. Sure subs will keep rerolling but you lose mains season by season.

Supply and demand should not apply to classes. Class balancing should be so simple, and I’m just going to say whoever is in control severely alienates a wide swath of players every season. Why?


that’ll happen, q up


I’m getting mixed vibes here. Are you casual or hard core?

Anyway, more seriously, yeah it sounds like you just got outplayed/countered a few lobbies in a row. That happens, especially in RSS. It doesn’t feel great, but Just keep queuing and you’ll get it back and then some.

Alternatively, you can play 3s (or 2s!) and have a partner that can help peel for you.

I had a few lobbies today of melee screaming at me while they train me into the dirt and then make fun at me for dying

try what you’re currently running but make these swaps:
Dark Ascension(idk if ur playing that already), Catharsis, Driven to Madness and Void Volley, enjoy playing a spec where you lowkey want to get smacked around, drop these and play normal stuff if you know you aren’t gonna get trained at all (like it feels worth playing if the dps go you half the time, but if you have like a destro or an 0-6 guy soaking all aggro then those pvp talents aren’t gonna do anything)

also peeps love to try to kick mass even if there’s literally nothing to mass within 2 galaxies of you, rlly solid to set up a precog → DA

Mind Trauma after the nerf is so slow to ramp up, and if you’re getting trained you’re never going to get it to a respectable stack count
Psyfiend gets killed instantly in an lobby where the players have at least one opposable thumb, i feel like times where psyfiend lives long enough to win, you’d win anyways

just my 2cents ive collected playing n talkin to people way better than me

also if its ww+mm u can just go ahead and put cornfield on your resume cause ur getting plowed

Went 0-6 on my 1900 alt with an all melee lobby, then went 4-2 on my main at 2.1 which should’ve been 5-1.

Entire bracket is just luck of the draw though. It depends entirely on your partners, imo. Can’t imagine getting an MM/SV/Lobby on my Frost Mage like I did my SP. Never cast ever, or win rather, but that’s just how Shuffle is.

tldr we q up and go again


Yeah some lobbies are rough, there’s always those lobbies for every spec.

Wizard lobbies as fDK makes me want to not play.

Getting trained can be wicked annoying. One thing you can try is running battlemasters, and when you pop Desperate prayer with it, the resulting catharsis dmg can sometimes delete people when they least expect it. If you’re already doing this I apologize for the pointless tip. Don’t give up keep queueing!

If I get an entire melee lobby against an hpal it’s pretty much 0-6 especially if they train me all game. They really should have it be 2 casters and 2 melee per lobby


He is not getting outplayed, its a straight up mess in arena right now where melee has too much utility and damage and healing and mobility and immunities and uptime

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@Efxsp can i get your help with this problem?

We urgently need your help, since you have the opportunity to indicate my topic on the council forum, your section is visited by developers much more often than this one.

The more abilities in the game the more difficult it becomes to balance them. Look at mobas. They have just a few buttons and balancing still isn’t as easy as people seem to think.

There is simply waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much going on per character in wow to even think its remotely possible to have balance within a marginal %. Pick your season … people will say its the most balanced but in reality it really wasn’t that great at all.

spriest is the easy train target because if they target anyone else… you’ll just void shift them and disperse if needed. play as defensively as possible to start when facing double melee or if you think you’ll be the target. people get confused when you sit behind pillar while the other dps runs in and starts slowing/cc’ing them

spriest is kinda designed to be a punching bag. if you’re not comfortable with getting trained, maybe consider trying another class.

or if u wanna improve there’s some decent info out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xohBsr8IKG4

I’ve actually never thought about bm dp into catharsis. i regularly run bm but lately have found that it just doesn’t save me so id rather have the throughput.

Might try bm again, thanks.

Stopped reading here, no you did not otherwise you would of found more success in your qs.

I agree with you. And on these forums there are a lot of desired projections coming out as folks seem to want to say things like you “you got outplayed” or similar simply because they enjoy bringing others down. Sad but true.

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Not even a tiny bit. I’ve been saying this since the inception. Too many variables outside of your control to take the mode seriously.