Where do we go from here?

After seeing all the ways people can get a huge advantage in pvp and pve with these macros, it makes all the achievements mean so much less to me.

Where do we go from here? Do we all start using these macros or do we stop playing until there’s a fix? I don’t feel like I should waste my time but I’m also addicted to wow pvp…

I’m at a loss because on one hand, I still enjoy the game but on the other hand, it seems dumb to spend time doing something “competitive” when you’re at such a massive disadvantage.

Maybe I’ll just do bgs or something till there’s a way to level the playing field.

What are your thoughts on the future of arenas in regard to these “cheat macros”?


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I’m all for removing addons and macros.

Simplify the game a lot and then we can build it back up in complexity without these “helpers”.

At the same time maybe we can simplify the game and bring in new players. It’s gotten so complicated that the top end of the ladder is cheating just to simplify things. No wonder it’s impossible to bring in new players


I just want fairness. I just want to know the guy I’m fighting is making the same decisions I am and not using a macro to always land kicks or whatever.


It’s the inevitable progression of the game, IMO. Ive seen people show where they have 80+ keybinds before. Lol As a species we’re inclined to improve on things, and reducing 80 keybinds down to less than 10 definitely falls into that category.

Really I would just be leaning on Blizzard to clean up some of the ability bloat to make it matter less, it would improve imbalance issues anyway.

If blizz says it’s ok to use these then that’s their decision but we need them to confirm that so everyone can make and use them.

It’s wild to me that this has existed for so long and we (normal players) are just now learning about it.

Again, no thank you. I like my macros, add-ons, ui.

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Doesn’t surprise me that much tbh, I don’t care enough to read patch notes–let alone put time into researching stuff like this. Lol I suspect that’s the same for most people.

That said, I certainly understand feeling cheated if you’re losing rating to people hitting a couple keys that do everything for them. I’m just pointing out that this kind of stuff is bound to happen, probably better for Blizzard to make some changes rather than lazily ban certain addons that people will just recreate in other ways.

Think about synthetic weed. When one formula gets outlawed someone tweaks it and just puts out a new one. Would just be easier to legalize the stuff. Lol