AI Interupts...?

I saw a video that allegedly used AI bots / macros to interrupt in PVP / PVE… Any idea if this is actually a thing?

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It is, and Blizzard banned quite a few accounts for using it

Considering AV ,yes it is possible .If they can multibox a BG they can surly AI them.

Never thought about this, fair point…

If they can determine who uses it and ban the accounts why can they not prevent it though…?

Yes. Kickbots have been around for a loooooong time.


If you know of a surefire way to ban bots, I’m sure many a game company would shower you with cash to teach them. Botting and cheating are as old as computer gaming.


They have to have proof it exist ,so Blizzard would have to investigate it and find a solution <time consuming .
They real do think about the future possibilities these would happen.

If an online game is even remotely popular there will be cheats and bots available for it WoW is no different.

“Clever use of ingame mechanics” is the answer you’re looking for. You can also call it an oversight, but pre-existing macros and code that has been allowed for years has been worked into the auto-kick. Which again, has probably been out there for years. It’s just gotten to the point where more and more poeple know about it.

Sometimes the best players out there are not that skilled, they just know how to cheat the system and not get caught.

Do people still fake cast lmao with those bots kicking lmao

Pretty much in PvP, pvers know when the spells to interrupt are coming so it doesn’t make as much sense to use it. And if more than one use it in a group, unless they set it up together, they risk overlapping interrupts.

I would say it’s better to prevent an exploit from happening again, once they’ve found out how the exploit works.

If they have an exploit that could be eliminated, but they don’t, that means there will be rampant exploiting while they’re trying to create some filter to “catch” people, if they even bother.

Often when they try to catch individuals rather than directly eliminating the exploit, they end up missing a lot of exploiters and banning people who tripped the flag for some other reason that had nothing to do with the exploit.

There was drama last week because someone over in classic found and posted a proof-of-concept macro using functions that have been available all along that could be made into a sort of automated kick-check (or at least a wrapper around other abilities - I’m fuzzy about the details)

Blizzard quickly patched it.

Thread if you are interested:

AI? No, it takes no intelligence, artificial or otherwise, to react when the API says your target is casting a spell. It’s just normal bots as have been done since the beginning of time.

bliizard knows, they even opened up avenues to pay them to look the other way.