Auction House Much Slower Today - June 16

Same issue with TSM on US-Silvermoon (Medium pop server if that matters).

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Same exact issue on US-Black Dragonflight. Using TSM.

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Same issue on US-Lothar and US-Hyjal.
Even trying to cancel things after ~35 begins to slow down. I would reload and it was still slow.
Scanning/Searching gets past ~35 then SLOWS down more than I have ever seen before. Glad it isn’t my pc. I disabled all addons except TSM and went to a low populated area to try and remedy the situation but still slows down after a certain amount of queries.

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Can confirm US-Ravencrest is having the same issues…

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US-Dentarg same issues, using TSM.

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The performance reported above is expected and intended, following a hotfix that went into effect a few hours ago. The hotfix is intended to both address service issues, as well as address an imbalance between the vast majority of players and a very small minority.

Through our continuing work to address service issues as they crop up, as well as our constant efforts to find gameplay issues and fix them, we’ve observed that a small minority of all players generate the majority of Auction House traffic.

The players who generate all of the AH traffic are using addon-driven automation to gain a competitive economic advantage over other players, in addition to the increasing strain on the game service. Neither of these things is good for the game as a whole.

With this hotfix, we’ve implemented a new system that effectively gives each player a “budget” of AH actions per minute, and only kicks in once that budget has been exceeded. The system is tuned so that is should never affect players using the AH typically: buying consumables, listing gathered or crafted goods for sale, searching for specific items you want to purchase, etc. It should be essentially impossible to encounter the new limits for most players.

The new system will, however, throttle players who are using addons to run rapid queries to scan the AH for specific goods, or buy and relist huge quantities of items.

The current tuning values are a starting point for this. We very much welcome feedback on AH activities are hitting the throttle. If the current settings are too strict, we’ll want to relax these measures.


This is unacceptable. Revert this crap hotfix ASAP.


I craft large quantities of items (enchants, transmogs, item enhancements, etc.) and it is affecting me negatively. If the point of this hotfix was to punish players who buy and relist large quantities of items, then it is not intended to punish me, correct? I think this new hotfix will have a lot of unintended consequences that will upset many players, me included. Please find another way to achieve the goals you listed in your post.


Every addon gives the players using it an advantage over players not using it…I don’t get it?


This is an insane “fix.” Right when we’re all working the AH every minute we play the game to obtain our longbois…jeez. This was fine for the first 15 years of WoW and just now there is a problem with AH Goblin’ing? Incredible timing.


WHAT? this is the most insane ridiculous “fix” you could have implemented. what garbage i am beyond livid. this needs to be changed back there is zero reason for this, its the players who post like this also who drive the economy and HELP the masses to buy things from the AH. way to ruin it.


Its really, really bad.
I just tried to list 120 auctions using TSM. Took 3-4 times as long to first scan for pricing. Throttling seemed to kick in around 50 or so. Slowed to a crawl. Once the scan was completed, i couldn’t use the scroll wheel to mass post. It simply stalled between each listing, waiting then allowed me to post. This basically makes the scroll wheel posting irrelevant.

I had to post all 1200 auctions of mine pretty much 1 at a time. Took WAY TOO LONG.

Its really rather crippling…


Sorry, meant to have my main post in this thread. Apologize for my Classic toon post.


You understand that by limiting the amount of actions people can take for the AH per minute, making it so people who primarily focus on AH as their gameplay experience, you are actually hurting the economy?

When I brought up someone on my server intentionally was crashing markets to drive me out as competition, something they admitted in whispers they were going to do, because they did not want to compete with anyone else, this is the response I got from one of your GMs:

'We consider this AH pvp. It’s no different than any other WoW pvp. Just take advantage of what they’re doing to your benefit :)"

But now you are changing the entire system to hinder people who are either in multiple markets within the AH or do transmogs?

You understand that by limiting actions and making this a frustrating experience for ‘goblins’ - a perfectly valid area of the game to focus on, just as valid as raiding, doing dungeons, questing, etc - that you hurt other players of the game, yes? Like the farmers. Or players on low pop servers who have only one or two consistent consumable people to rely on for raiding (flasks, potions), enchanting/gemming gear, etc.


Well this is crap. How are you supposed to post glyphs, if your going to throttle us after 10?


“Fix” is not the right word for it.


You are punishing far more of the player base than you may realize for simply playing the game in the style they prefer. As someone else said, all addons are intended to give players some kind of advantage as they play.

Completely unacceptable to implement this measure as you have. The speed (or lack thereof) of the AH now is just absurd.


The current “budget” is way too low. It was already too low before today, with the AH being orders of magnitude slower since 8.3. Now, it’s another order of magnitude slower still. I’m having a hard time understanding how this is now a huge problem after 16 years of the game existing. I’m also struggling to see how searching for 12 auctions via an addon would be considered abnormal, yet this now takes almost a minute. People regularly post hundreds of auctions via TSM, which will take hours with this change. Is posting hundreds of auctions which people have crafter / gathered abnormal behavior? If so, this means that Blizzard is saying that anybody who tries to make gold via the AH is not welcome.

I’d love to hear more about what “addon-based automation” you’re referring to, and why you view this as a bigger problem recently than it was in the past. I’ve offered suggestions and expressed my willingness to make changes to TSM to address excessive AH queries on multiple occasions since 8.3, but have yet to hear back from you guys on any these topics. I continue to hope to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If we are part of the problem, then please just let us know how we can help, rather than stonewalling our suggestions / ideas for changes and breaking all AH addons in the process.


Can we just admit the AH revamp has been a total failure already and revert it back?


there is no reason for me to continue playing as i enjoy the gold farming aspect of this game most. literally won’t stand for this and go through this, i am sure many others would agree - if this is still like this in a month and not reverted i will unsubcribe easily, and i am sure most of the people who drive the economy in this game will do the same.

unacceptable. change this immediately.