Auction house changes, yay or nah?

These changes will break the economy and the folks who will most suffer are ordinary players who just want to use the AH to buy cheap mats needed for their consumables. It will also really negatively impact folks who enjoy transmog, glyphs, or other cosmetics markets as maintaining those markets simply isn’t worthwhile with a broken in-game economy.

Cancel and reposting is frustrating certainly, but the net result it has typically is to drive down prices over time, and maintain an efficent economy. With these changes that will break down and the person who Blizzard claims to be helping will get completely screwed over.

Making this type of change with no communication is honestly such a shocking way to treat the playerbase, especially when the WoW economy is connected to the real world dollars and cents. This is a terrible change that Blizzard is making in lieu of actual investments in a core game system, and it should be reverted immediately.

In the future these changes need to be communicated in advance rather than made in secret.


They should make it so if you cancel a auction. You have to wait
say, 24 hours, to post that item again.


That’ll just make undercutting more rampant.

Compromise went out the door for me when they decided to try to demonize players who use an addon and play the game a different way.


From the Blizz post:

We gave you feedback and you locked the thread, Blizz. Sorry our feedback wasn’t the sweetness and light you hoped for. If you don’t actually want feedback, maybe don’t ask for it?

To reiterate: This AH change penalises one subset of players more harshly than others.


That’s part of the problem here. They haven’t defined anything.

Is someone who posts a handful of flasks a day casual?
How about someone who crafts glyphs and posts them?
But what then of someone who not only posts glyphs, but also logs on their Tailor and posts some rare vanilla crafted patterns for transmog collectors?

That’s a line that hasn’t been defined. And by setting an arbitrary throttle number (which addresses only the symptoms, and not the problem) they’re adversely effecting a very large portion of the player base that many of us might very well consider “casual” compared to the global playerbase who use the AH frequently.

They haven’t even told us what the root problem is. The post by @Kaivax seems to indicate that this was done to reduce the overall API traffic generated by a “minority” of players.

If that is, in fact, the reason for this, it makes absolutely no sense. There’s some serious inefficiencies in the current in game API with regards to the AH. Reducing the traffic that goes over the wire from AH addons is a good thing and should be welcomed by everyone, Blizzard, TSM Team, and users. But the solution isn’t to just throttle. It’s better API design.

Some examples include:

  1. Batch API requests
  2. Finer grain APIs which allow the client to specify exactly what data it needs, and transfer no more than that data.
  3. Client side caching of non-realtime data, which reduces chatter between the client and server. Resolve any disagreements or data sync issues on the server and notify the client accordingly.
  4. If throttling must be used, inform the client appropriately and allow the client to make informed decisions about exactly when they can safely make the next request.

These are just a few examples off the top of my head, but I’m sure with a proper discussion between Blizzard’s developers and the community and addon authors to identify their use cases, we can reach a solution that benefits everyone.

It might not be immediate, but it’s clear to me that this hotfix does more harm than good. So let’s revert it until we have a proper solution.


That’s stupid AF.

So we all start posting 1 glyph of each type and full bags of glyphs.

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As someone who invested a lot of gold into enchanting and consuming other players enchanting mats to posts numerous enchants a day this is a killer. I’m not sitting posting ,cancelling, posting repeat. I just create 1-3 of each enchant and post them. Am I now considered a minority? Do I need to raise prices to account for time taken?

I just want to list my 200-250 enchants and leave them for 12 hours without taking hours to do so.

This is not an acceptable Solution currently. If I was busy cancelling and reposting I would rather the cancelling be limited. There is no real reason for me to continually cancel and repost in a healthy market.


It does actually. If you set it up properly, you imported all of the parameters for posting. Based on your input, it determines what the price it’s going to sell for.

You do your post scan and hit post. I’m not sure you know how automation works.

They’ll be back to square one literally lol because their numbers are messed up and think people just post 15 items at a time or something and now literally demonize everyone else.

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Good luck making that much gold while posting 25 items before the AH slows you down. They might as well reduce the price to two million it still won’t be worth it.


Blizz has a mount that cost 5 million gold, and just destroyed the AH for anyone that posts over a handful of items at a time. GG


So you’re mad it does some math, that is litterally there just to make sure you post it for a reasonable price (on both ends)

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Spammers mad. Everyone else is fine.

It’s not even spammers, it’s anyone with more than a few things to post. The current limit is like 25


Same here. I’ve farmed up the pieces and/or the mats to make the pieces for the 3000 auctions I have posted.

But now if I want to keep posting all that, I have to spend several hours at the AH. I don’t even spam-cancel them or anything. Just post them once a day.


Automation: the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process.

The goober before you tried to say the addon does nothing.

Now you’re saying it does all the math… Cracking me up.


You greedily allow multibox and 4x2 farms with instant respawning mobs killing commodities on the AH but stop AH addons.

What are you guys even doing lol


People will be mad when their transmog prices skyrocket or they can’t find some old mat on the AH because who’s going to farm it.

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Seems good to me. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.