Auction House Change Feedback - It Sucks

Okay, so, here’s the thing:

I don’t flip, undercut, scam, or anything. I’m not a goldmaker, I’m actually quite poor in WoW (335k across all characters). I sell some BoEs to hopefully make a bit of gold on the side as a hobby. Everything I sell is something I gathered myself.


  • I logged on, posted 25 BoEs.
  • Logged out for 20 minutes.
  • Logged on, started post scan for another 25 BoEs I have. At 22 scans (I had not posted anything this session yet, it was just searching to grab the prices), the speed went from 1 scanned/sec to 1 scanned/5 sec.
    From there, scan finished, I started posting. Each piece took 3-5 seconds each to post. Typically they take about 1 second.

Keep in mind, I hadn’t posted more than 25 items before it slowed me to a snail’s pace. So it was counting searches in the restriction limit, and restricted my posting before I posted a 26th BoE.

What is being communicated: The WoW devs dislike that people collect items for the purpose of making a profit, even if it’s less than 100 items.
The WoW devs dislike that people use addons to make mundane tasks 3-5x faster.

My questions:
Am I being punished because one can’t post BoEs in the hundreds like mats and consumables can be?
Are those who post 2,000 herbs at once not being hit by this, but me, who posts 75 BoEs that I farmed up on my own being punished? Why?
Are you communicating that using TSM to speed up the posting process is unwanted? That you’d rather I post each of my 75 BoEs manually one at a time?
Are you telling me not to sell BoEs at all as a way of making a little bit of gold?

And, yes, it’s a little bit of gold. I make less than 200g/day. I guess that’s not much and I should just vendor these things, or hang onto them until the expac launch. But it’s been fun to have a hobby on the side from dying to Mythic Carapace every weekend.

Herbs, mats, BoEs; all of these items are wanted, collected, and used by the playerbase. I guess I just don’t see why 25 posts is the cap when you take into account item price scans and include those, as if I’m posting twice the number that I actually am.

~50 interactions is impossible?

My suggestions:
Separate searching/posting counts, if what I assume about searching being counted with posting is true.
Eliminate this change. It has made mostly everyone unhappy. Many of the changes made to the game recently and in alpha have been good for players’ fun and ease of getting things done in-game, and I was starting to feel hopeful for the future of WoW. Y’all have been listening intently to feedback on the alpha forums and making endless healthy, fun changes for everyone! This has soured the game quite a bit for me.


It’s because the cap is interactions, not posts. It’s counting the 25 scans that TSM is doing in the background against the cap. Part of the reasoning for the cap is to limit or eliminate AH instabilities that are primarily driven by addons doing things like scanning over and over to list and relist auctions.

With that said, they’re open to adjustments and it sounds to me like they’re leaning towards most likely lifting the cap rather than lowering it.

The current tuning values are a starting point for this. We very much welcome feedback on AH activities are hitting the throttle. If the current settings are too strict, we’ll want to relax these measures.


I’ll believe it when I see it.

Had the same issue, I use TSM mainly for price checking and cancelling auctions. Took me ages to relist the auctions I’d cancelled to get mine on top. By the time I’d managed to do it, half my auctions had already been undercut.

I really want that to be true. It was around 50 interactions in 30 minutes that enabled it for me. I don’t think that’s absurd.

It’s truly miserable for any casual AH user.


I tend to do my AH nonsense on Friday and Saturday; looks like I will have some fun to look forward to. Yay.

Why the change all of a sudden?

So dumb for people that are not bots and use TSM to play the AH as the only thing they liKe to do in the game … listings and interactions are not same … they just Broke tsm add on … they called it an “imbalance” since not many people play the AH becuase most do t find fun in it … social justice fun I guess


Yes they said they basicly didn’t like people using the addons, and no matter people can still use the ah.

It would be interesting to see you comparing the way you use the ah without the addon and with to see if there’s really a problem.

This change should make it so people want to cancel/repost less and should post at a more decent/lower price if they want to sell. And well make the ah less laggy.

Yes it might slow down the people mass selling basicly automaticly, since we’re getting much feedback how “impossible” it is to do what they’re doing basicly without the addon. The question is then, is that fair and wanted? Basicly they could just ban those addons and remove the cap on interactions baseline.

The problem is the scan which can take a long long time before this to compile information to use with ones brain counts towards the interactions … thus meaning you can be done and not even made the first post to AH yet

Would that problem appear even without the addon? That’s the thing, without the addon I feel it would take a minute to do this just for 25 items, which means that you wouldn’t get locked.

Unfortunately, I’d have to mentally calculate exactly what price I want to put them at based on what’s already listed, for every single item. It takes a very long time, not 2 seconds per for sure.

75 is not an absurd number of listings. That’s really small, actually.

I think it falls under their mentality of

You think you want to do things in game the way you want because you think it is fun but it’s not . How we want you to do things in game is what fun truly is.


There’s your problem, you make auction miserable for everyone else with your near-atuomated click while we who choose not to use instant addon/no life ah(and spam repost to undercut) suffer to you destroying AH. Your not even playing the game by pressing 2 or 3 buttons,or trying hard.


By posting 75 green BoEs for transmog? Really? How so? Who’s it hurting? People who don’t want transmog to exist?


Thanks Karen

Yes so you get here the problem is also that there’s a lot of automation to it. Basicly they’re making so you’re taking the same time as someone that would do it manually, which I think is a genius way to nerf it. Instead of capping the amount of actions per day which would be way way worse.

But using TSM to post things isn’t automation. You still need to click “post” (or scroll your mousewheel, if you have that option checked) to actually post the auctions. …Not to mention that you have to set it up for auctioning in the first place.

If TSM just looked at what was in your bags and posted every sellable thing without any input from you, then yeah, you’d have an automation argument.


It took me hours to get TSM set up and understandable. Hours and hours. I only barely get it, too.

It’s just making me do math, which is something a computer can do for me, making it WAY longer to post my auctions. I should be able to post them all at once. I shouldn’t have to go one-by-one. I should be able to post my handful of transmog as a bunch. I really can’t believe there are people defending this. Nobody has given a solid, decent reason for breaking TSM.

Maybe Blizzard should enable TSM-like ease to the AH instead of breaking the one addon that makes the AH usable for more than 3 items.


Repeating the same lies, basicly if there was no automation why does it take a fraction of the time when you use it? An addon should assist you, and it can still assist you even with the nerf. The market will change, the market will adapt.

Why? There’s value in making it harder to post if you want to regulate the market, balance the market. See this like a balance patch, you got nerfed. They could have instead disable addons from using the ah, what they’re doing atleast let you use the addon.