Posting in AH breaks game

So I am not here to complain about the change but ever since the change I am unable to post more than 10-15 items before I cannot interact with anything in game this includes the auctioneer, vendors, SW guards, actually the only thing I can interact with is the mailbox but I cant do anything once I get into it. I have to restart the game completely. I thought it might have been a addon causing the issue but the issue persists with ALL addons disabled. Any help would be most appreciated!!

Have you done a full UI reset (as detailed in Support article linked below) to rule out a misbehaving addon or corrupted UI?


I agree with Kyzera :slight_smile:

While disabling addons is a good first step in troubleshooting, it doesn’t completely remove them from interacting and causing issues. The full ui reset is much more efficient.


OK so I have done a bit more testing and it appears that the game actually returns to normal after a minute or two of being unable to do anything and i teleport back to where I was standing before… Also no I did not do a full UI reset. Just disabled them.

That almost sounds like it’s possibly a connection issue even. That’s not to say I’d rule out a misbehaving addon, just that it points to more than one possible cause.

If it continues after a full UI reset, posting in Tech Support might be a good idea (unless this happens to get moved there).


I wish it was a connection issue but my girlfriend has been on my laptop sitting right next to me playing just fine. This issue only occurs when I am posting in the AH. I can leave the AH and go do a dungeon and kill all the stuff at once and not lag in the least bit.

Hopefully the UI reset helps then!

I really want to avoid a full UI reset as re-configuring almost 100 addons is beyond a nightmare. Yes I have things very customized no I do not have issues with anything. If I just rename the WTF folder and discover the issue is still happening can I just delete the new WTF folder and rename the old back and retain my settings and everything?

I agree with Kyzera, especially after reading the rest of the thread. This sounds like a misbehaving addon. Hopefully a reset fixes it for you.


Yes, you can just go back to the original folder and all your settings will still be there. I do this quite regularly to test stuff in the game while it is in its default state.


OK so the issue is most definitely a addon. Full UI reset fixed the issue. I just pulled 20 listings off the AH and reposted them and nothing broke. I think I might know the culprit going to do some testing and post back which addon was doing the offending.

The offending addon is TSM. Just noticed that when TSM is disabled there is actually a tiny little popup timer after each listing in the AH. I will contact the TSM devs to let them know. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!! <3 <3 <3


looks like this is a result of a hofix

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You’re a little late to the game but yes the hotfix is exactly what caused this issue in the first place.