Auction house changes, yay or nah?

“With this hotfix, we’ve implemented a new system that effectively gives each player a “budget” of AH actions per minute, and only kicks in once that budget has been exceeded. The system is tuned so that is should never affect players using the AH typically: buying consumables, listing gathered or crafted goods for sale, searching for specific items you want to purchase, etc. It should be essentially impossible to encounter the new limits for most players.”

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Nope. Just Blizz 200 IQ’ing it to fix a small iota of a problem.
As per usual.


Judging by the original post saying it was usually taking about 300 ms an action before the throttle hit, that means max apm would be around 200

Currently the limit of 25 is way too damn low, it should be more like 100 or 150, stop the guys reposting 10k things but not hit your avg transmog poster or old mat farmer.

I needs to be upped


I’m not sure this was the right fix, but I do think that cancel scanning should be outright blocked. The people sitting there cancel/reposting every 30 seconds all day are a huge drain on resources.

Personally I would love to see a system of buy orders. At the least they probably need to adjust the throttle rate.


They don’t even fix Tol Dagor and make this on AH. Lets save money on server requisitions to pay the ridiculou bonus to a certain person

/clap /moan


I think it needs tuning. I suspect it’s designed to combat multiboxing gold farmers too. I suspect that having a better api for scanning would help as it doesn’t need to be perfect per se. I think a post throttle is probably more effective for that anyway overall. I guess overall I’m in the ‘wait and see’ category.


Gonna go ahead and repost what I dropped on that thread in hopes maybe they’ll read some feedback here:

Linking my original post here for visibility as to how this negatively affects the average user and the economy as a whole: Auction House Much Slower Today - June 16 - #82 by Powerworduwu-wyrmrest-accord

And with that, I’d like to propose two potential solutions based on the discussions here.

Solution 1: Buy Orders
This was a hot topic on the revamp post for the PTR. Buy Orders are extremely beneficial to average users by allowing them to set their own price and let the economy naturally favor them. They also allow very casual players that want to sell goods but struggle to compete due to lack of time/interest in monitoring the price to guarantee quick and easy sales at a price they are happy with.

For enhanced convenience and ease of use, posting items at or below the highest Buy Order without actively using the Buy Order interface automatically triggers the sale, and vice versa.

  • Performance Gain: Fewer Auction House searches overall. People can set their prices and forget them. People can still search and buy like usual when they have a fuzzy idea of a reasonable price.
  • Average User Benefit: Convenient purchases and sales. Buy Orders are a no-brainer in an MMORPG economy in 2020.
  • Economic Benefit: More goods and gold change hands. Listing prices are naturally stabilized.

Solution 2: Throttle Cancellations
If some sort of throttling is absolutely necessary, then limit it to cancellations. The average user uses item cancels for the purpose of undoing a mistakenly listed item, or occasionally relisting a handful of high-value goods. Mass-cancellations are a goblin-only tactic.

Mass-cancellations also translate directly into mass-posts. People with items they are mass-posting also often have a stash of items that are rarely undercut and thus does not need to be cancelled (or scanned for). TSM in particular allows you to select groups to scan for cancels and posts - those low-competition items can easily be omitted by cancel scans for those users so that the throttling minimally affects them, and their cancel scans are less detrimental to the servers.

  • Performance Gain: Fewer cancellations means fewer reposts. This is a significant net reduction in overall Auction House traffic without affecting the total number of goods available.
  • Average User Benefit: They are completely unaffected by the throttling change. Also, with fewer cancellations across the board, item prices remain steady longer unless there is actually more competition in terms of total players trying to sell an item. Average users have more room to compete in a system they feel is inaccessible due to the current “cancel-scan” paradigm.
  • Economic Benefit: The total breadth of posted goods remains unchanged. Players would not be deterred to post low-demand items such as transmog or old-world materials because they would not be throttled for doing so.

That could be ended with a much higher APM throttle, even your avg addon user isn’t posting like that.

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A resounding “meh.”


No. It’s a bit much. I can understand where they are coming from but it’s a bit extreme for even the casual goblin. Even using TSM… scanning the AH to cancel/post takes forever on a high pop server. We really don’t need it to be even worse.

This is what I posted in the original thread:

I’m gonna jump on the thread here and also say that this is a pretty terrible “hotfix”.

I don’t have the numbers, but there are so many people that play this game for gold making alone. I would imagine Blizzard makes a TON of money from these guys because they have multiple accounts, buy the latest expansion on all accounts, multiple character boosts, server transfers, buy/supply game tokens consistently and more. By implementing this hotfix, you are going to piss a lot of people off and probably lose many of your ‘whales’.

Goldmakers who have thousands of auctions to post a day are already dealing with slow cancel/post scans as it is. We really don’t want to deal with an even slower posting speed. Please consider reverting this decision.


This change is awful.
It directly kills any market with a large amount of items, like glyphs, transmog and battle pets.
It also kills any market that takes forever to sell items or has low profit margins, like old world mats/enchants and, of course, transmog and battle pets.

EDIT: Knew I was forgetting about something. Battle pets are badly affected by this change too.


I agree, but I am sure they will end up tuning the throttle rate

but how long in blizzard time will that take lol.


No, this change is dumb.

“It should be essentially impossible to encounter the new limits for most players” is a lie, I cap the limit even when I turn off addons. And with the logic of TSM and similar addons having advantages over other players you would think they would also penalize other addons such as DBM, WeakAuras, etc.

The lag excuse is also very poor. There’s plenty of lag in other places of the game for ages, yet nothing is done to fix it.

There is more to it than what is being said, tinfoil hat or not.


Put delay on auction cancel then instead of all of the operations (searching, posting etc). Make it so you can’t cancel lot for few minutes after posting or something.


Even if that’s the case, I don’t think these changes actually do much to combat those.

A botter doesn’t really care if it takes a few minutes longer to get the task done. Most of it is being done without their involvement anyway. And since most botters are also multiboxing, it probably isn’t having a tremendous impact on their bottom-line.

This change pretty much only hurts actual players. :\


That’s why i specifically mentioned breaking cancel scans and tuning the throttle…

Only if they stop the stupid last in first out thing. A lot of cancel scanning happens because of that.


Oh agreed, hence I think the changes need to be tuned. I think blizz is overly concerned with always returning accurate information… which is not how markets work. Markets return precise information but the accuracy decreases every moment from the request. If Blizz did that and set the average update speed of the display model to once a second this wouldn’t be an issue from a scan perspective.

If they want to deal with botters and farmers they need to control cancellations and add buy/sell orders. I’d gladly wait a week if it means I get the price I care about.