Multiboxing positivity

I don’t think any of it matters in the long run. You will have people explaining why something is good or bad and just go back and forth. Instead of calling it The Sin Wars, could maybe call it The 3rd Party Wars?

This makes me chuckle now.

All praises to Ion.
Lord of game directing.
And survivor of the BFA fiasco.
When he awakened from his long slumber.
My lord and master spoke to me of secrets that few mortals know.
He told me the kingdoms of the high multi-boxing and the pits of the anti-boxing engage in an eternal war.
He revealed the EULA and TOS that brought this discord to the realms of man,
My lord has named the battle for this game and all who exist here THE 3rd PARTY WAR!

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Right, get back to me when multi-boxing can be done without third party software to facilitate it as smoothly as it’s done now with the third party software.

KVM switch.

Next question.


So you give up.

Guess we’ll see? I mean asking someone if they’re mentally stable in response to aggression isn’t really that offensive. Though I’m glad you found 1 reportable thing on my end among all of that.

It’s funny that you use that word :slight_smile:

Semantics issue #1:
Is using one keyboard to send signals to multiple instances of WoW automation? In other words, what is the definition of automation as it applies to WoW?

Using a keyboard setup like what you’re describing? Not automation.
Setting up a macro with said keyboard that would, for example, automatically press Fireball each time it was available? Automation.

Semantics issue #2:
Software (such as Keyclone, Octopus, etc) to emulate a keyboard multiboxing solution is, by nature, “3rd party”. Is “3rd party software” synonymous with “bot” or “automation”? Are all types of “3rd party software” bannable?
Likewise, hardware, by nature, is “3rd party”. What kinds (or uses) of 3rd party hardware are bannable?

Is it sending an identical signal to all client windows or switching between them to send commands? Not automation.
Is it playing the game for you, or rather, for one of your client windows? Automation.
All hardware is considered neutral as long as its commands and features are not being used to automate gameplay.

I think the most relevant response to your current topic

Add in a 3rd party program. You press ONE button and all 5 screens react. How exactly is that fair/legit? It’s not. The ability to control 5 computers at once with 1 single keyboard and 1 single press of a button is automation. The ability to make your characters cast their individual spells and skills at once by pressing 1 button is automation.

Is not automation by our standards. This is why multi-boxing is just fine.

So to Blizzards standard of automation it’s fine. Automation is tricky, it’s not bad in itself, another example would be those addons that autovendor for you or autorepair.

More recently Auction House Much Slower Today - June 16 - #13 by Kaivax Blizz took action against users

using addon-driven automation to gain a competitive economic advantage over other players

So maybe one day Blizz will change their stance on Multiboxing but as of right now, by their standard, it’s not the bad automation.


Honestly, if you think calling people trolls for having opinions that differ from yours is clever…well, good luck in life. I’m actually impressed that this conversation is still going on. Going outside would be good for your mind. Just got back home myself. :slight_smile:

Hey boxer here, was in the thread 800 posts ago.

Boxing is fun, challenging(did my first m+2 on 5hunters) Such fun! new tactics and all real fun

So, again, it’s just Blizzards personal interpretation of it.

Which is subject to change, just like their opinion on Vanilla servers eventually changed.

Yep, could change one day.

My interpretation of their stance is player interaction like the blue mentioned with fireballs. Yeah I cast 20 fireballs at once but I hit a key for that one action to occur on 20 clients. If a murloc came into cast range of me and my team fireballed him without me doing anything I’d get roflbanned.

And their personal interpretation is all that matters. They get to define what is or is not automation in regards to World of Warcraft, not you.

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And feedback regarding it might lead to a stance change.

So, we’re back at square one, with me providing my personal feed back on it, where I do not like it, and I do believe it provides an unfair advantage to players with money to burn, and believe it’s not really beneficial to the game as a whole.

Individual multi-boxers might not think they negatively effect a game, but snowflakes also don’t blame themselves for the avalanches.


But you don’t need money to multibox anymore, buy accounts with gold, pay sub time with gold

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Which only means it has to be tolerated. Doesn’t have to be liked or supported.

Except that other players take issue with it. I’ve had several run ins with multiboxers both on same faction and opposite. For the opposite, it ends in a death that is often unavoidable. Sure the same thing can happen if 5people were running around but that has happened to me far less than a multiboxer pressing 1 button getting the power of 5 out of it.

And on same faction I might as well just wait it out or go to a different zone as if I keep up I’ll be waiting for quest kills/collecting quests.

So again while not against any rules they cause issues at times for players. Which will cause a dislike. It doesn’t matter if your keys are cloned or pressed by a program.

And bots can’t do this? Oh right, its not allowed. That is the only difference in this point.

Its mostly not for everyone because of money and time. And money is always going to cause a unrest between people.

I understand that muliboxing is acceptable by blizzard. Which I don’t report or verbally harass them. But I’m not going to relent on the fact that it goes against the spirit of a MMORPG. I don’t have to like it, I just have to tolerate it.

But m’sPiRiT.

That’s a fair point, though I have a hard time getting gold these days to pay for my singular sub, let alone 2-8 subs.

That’s -alot- of gold

If they do change their mind on it, they’re not going to reclassify it as automation. They’ll just say that multiboxing isn’t allowed anymore.

So you’re still barking up the wrong tree with your “personal feedback”.

Is there anything wrong with people spending money if it helps keep something alive that people are enjoying? You have X number of people that leave the game for greener pastures and you have people leaving because they are waiting for the next xpac to drop.

It might not be a huge revenue gain, but it’s something in the pockets of the game we play.

Also people have different priorities in life. Some people might love to go out to dinner everyday, another might spend a bunch of money on MTG cards, another might collect weapons. They are spending money on things they enjoy, why can’t multi-boxers be afforded that same courtesy by spending money on something they enjoy?

I see people talk about unfair advantages a lot. This seems to lump every activity that a multi boxer can do as something that drastically alters the flow of the game for other people.

Going to show you what I do when I multi-box and I suppose these might be considered a detriment to the game?

  • Instead of having to send mail, I trade with my alts
  • Instead of moving one toon at a time, I can move them all at once
  • Instead of having to deal with the toxic community, I can solo content.

Keep in mind also the following points of interest

  • I don’t PVP
  • I don’t use the AH
  • I don’t like to farm

But yet somehow just because I multi-box, I’m a bringer of all that is evil in the world? Am I missing something here?


Identify the obvious multibox people, don’t engage them. You’ll notice an obvious pattern with them on here.

They lie, often. Especially about why and if they multibox at all. “I tried to once, but I don’t multibox anymore. I’m just on the forums with thousands of posts, almost all of them multibox white knighting because it’s my hobby to do so”.

Another favorite is to try and frame multiboxing as ya know, a harmless hobby, where they just do silly things like solo M+ with their team. Or find creative ways to raid with their multibox teams, cool stuff am i rite? Except, that’s probably less than a single percent of the people going to the trouble and expense of multiboxing. The reality that it became exceedingly more common after legion isn’t some weird quirky thing.

The reason every single multiboxer does it, outside of statistical anomalies, is because a combination of the personal loot change, hyper spawns, and changes to resource nodes has made it irrefutably the most efficient way to gold farm in the game. It is a straight multiplier on their GPH, and since tokens are a thing, costs them nothing, aside from their subscription to the third party software that makes it possible.

It just so happened to combine with the deletion of PvP servers to impact everyone equally. Pre-BFA, multiboxing and bots were at least prevented from ruining PvP servers, but now they lurk around on every server, crashing the value of every activity down to levels that solo players have no choice but to buy tokens, which perversely allows the multiboxer to play for free.

Even better, they serve as camouflage for bots. If not for multiboxing, it would be painfully easy to root almost all the obvious bots. But their existence creates uncertainty “Is that a bot, or just some multiboxer?”.

At the end of the day, Blizzard allows it because it gets more money from them, than it thinks is lost due to the integrity of the game being compromised. Same reason they let bots linger long enough to become profit positive, so they’ll come back with new accounts when they’re banned. If Blizzard actually cared about maintaining even a semblance of not being a game rife with cheating, they’d do something about both. In the case of multiboxing, you don’t even need to ban it, you just need to remove the incentives that cause people to do it, and then white knight it on the forums for thousands of posts.

No more personal loot outside instances. Round robin group loot. This impacts almost no one, and essentially removes those clusters of druids you see at literally every hyperspawn.

Either create multiple phases of resource nodes, to prevent multiboxing being a straight loot multiplier. Or revert to old nodes. It would suck having to fight people over resource nodes again, but that already happens with locust style swarms of multibox druid depleting every single node they find.


I love alts, I started multiboxing because I capped my main account and wanted more characters :slight_smile: So this method may not work for you if you don’t also have a lot of alts but it can’t hurt to mention. If you solo all WoD raids on all difficulties you can make around 20k a week per alt according to I think 15k is more realistic but I’m sure Shoogen did more math than me so he’s probably right.

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