Please ban Key Repeaters like ISBoxer for Mulitboxing

It’s the same thing I’ve linked dozens of times lol

Is not automation by our standards

Yeah there’s plenty of automation in the game, my example is usually addons that autosell/repair


oh god…dont tell them that TSM ‘automatically’ gathers up your items to list :roll_eyes:

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Still not against the rules.


I love this one…cant be any clearer.

Is it sending an identical signal to all client windows or switching between them to send commands? Not automation.

Is it playing the game for you, or rather, for one of your client windows? Automation.

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And there it is…the ONE fact they just cant seem to get their heads wrapped around…THEY dont make the rules…THEY dont decide what ‘automation’ is…BLIZZARD does…and has been for a decade and a half now.

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Blizz mentions it in a post in regards to the AH changes they made, won’t let me quote it for some reason

The players who generate all of the AH traffic are using addon-driven automation

I wish the TSM guys would write TSM Tooltips for me :weary: I don’t need the full blown addon I just want the pricing data

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Find me a addon that lets me do this with one button press

Wasnt that in regard to the sniper feature?
that stopped working around that time…but everything else in TSM that I use seems to be working just fine…better than the AH UI itself anyway.

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Dont need to.
Boxing is allowed. End of story. Noone here cares if you cant accept it.

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Disallowing such software effectively kills multiboxing.

And I’m fine with that.

The issues caused by PvP-centric multiboxers and mass multiboxers greatly outweigh the benefit of supporting an extremely niche playstyle for those that aren’t causing problems.


Again, you keep trying to move the topic back to multiboxing and that isn’t the topic, the topic is this software that allows for, basically, automation.

You keep leaving out the video link for some reason…

I’m not sure what argument he’s trying to make, ISBoxer has been around for 11 years. If it’s there then Blizz says it’s ok, the dev isn’t going to put something in the software that will get you banned :rofl: ISBoxer has a price so I’m sure the developer makes sure his code is 100% Blizz approved.

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please pal…you AINT fooling anyone here. Youre like those anti gun jokers…‘we only want your ‘assault’ weapons’.
while in the 1990s the Brady camp…BEFORE they became the Brady Camp…admited that the goal was to prohibit ALL private handgun ownership.
They lie.
you lie.

Its VERY easy to see youre whining about IS boxer because you BELIEVE if you can tantrum your way into getting that banned that boxing will just naturally disappear as a result.
Youre EXACTLY the same as anti gun sorts.

Is not automation by our standards.

Blizz has a standard, their standard says it’s fine, if you don’t like their standard :man_shrugging:


this is why I deal with motivations, not words they vomit up. You have to look for the underlying agenda they often dont want to mention. Which is why I wish this forum wasnt so ‘delicate’ so I could debate these jokers like I normally would on any other forum.

His joke is like anti gun nuts screaming for our ‘assault’ rifles…while they ALL know their utopian society is 100% gun free.
“Im for the second amendment but ‘assault weapons’…”
“Im for boxing, but ISboxer”
Same exact thing.
The goal is to do exactly what the Brady camp did when they were called Handguns something or other way back when…to bit and piece guns out of existence.
This OP has the SAME exact end game about boxing and he knows it.

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You could easily replicate it with addons like GnomeSequencer and in-game macros.


and thats the goal and he knows it.
why they bother to deny it is aburd given they know we arent stupid enough not to figure out the end game goal…the end of boxing


ISBoxer has been used in World of Warcraft for well over a decade. Multiboxing has been allowed in World of Warcraft since virtually its inception.

ISBoxer isn’t automation. It allows for key replication for keystrokes. You may deem it as automation as much as you’d like to, but the reality is that Blizzard allows it and has always allowed it. It’s not some gray area that they haven’t touched base on, they’ve known about third party apps like this since they’ve been released over a decade ago.

In fact, one of Blizzard’s very own FAQ’s refers players to a third-party site that gives more info on how to inquire about third party apps for multiboxing.

More people seem to be complaining about it lately probably because of the Brutosaur mount. That’s why you probably see a lot more people multiboxing now than previously.

Blizzard isn’t going to magically stop allowing multiboxing or third party apps that allow key cloning or replication. It’s not against their own terms of service.

They allow it. There have been false positives of multi-boxers being suspended, but it doesn’t happen that often.

I’ve been multiboxing for months using ISBoxer third party app. I’ll say it freely on here. I’m not breaking any terms of my digital agreement with Blizzard/Activision. I am playing in adherence to their own terms and conditions.

People might huff and puff at people like me, but I honestly stopped caring what people thought years ago. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since I was in my twenties, I’m now in my 40’s. Multi-boxing has been allowed through that lifespan of my life… it’s not going to be disallowed because some people don’t like it.

It’s not hard to make gold or one up the multiboxers. Buy low, sell high in bulk. I do it all the time and make tons of gold. Even before I multiboxed I never had any issues making gold at will.

I don’t PVP or do any competitive gaming. I run myself through old dungeons, raids, world bosses, weekly events like visions and the 2000 gold a pop chance for the events in Uldum and Vale.

I don’t harrass people, I don’t take over big areas of the game and kill mobs until my fingers are red. I don’t farm mobs, I play the auction house. It’s what I enjoy doing.

People getting up-in-arms about multiboxing and third party apps like ISBoxer isn’t something new. It’s happened since I was in my 20s, still hear the same yammering in my 40’s.

I freely admit to multi-boxing and I’m sure people will say I’m an idiot, or my username sucks or that I don’t play according to their standards, so I’m a cheater or a loser. Cool… I… am… having fun and it’s allowed by Blizzard, so try and rain on my parade all you want, I have my hefty umbrella wielded and ready at all times.

It’s your right to not like multiboxing. It’s your right to show your disdain for it on the forum. That’s what the forum is for… for discussions about the games many different topics. We don’t have to agree and that’s fine by me. I’m not making claims that I’m right and every one else is wrong, I’m just stating facts… the facts are that it is allowed by Blizzard 100% and the fact is I enjoy multiboxing. Those are facts I’m not ashamed of… one single bit. Period.


I think Blizzard needs to review ISBoxer and see if it is still in line with the way they want players to play their game.

I would assume they’ve done that. I would truly be shocked if Blizz was like “Nah, we’ve never looked at the program before, just figured it was ok” and I would be even MORE shocked if 100% of the wow team was a fan of multiboxing and wouldn’t jump for joy to make it a bannable offense.

I know people like to group Blizzard together as an evil corporation but there are actually people there with opinions.