Auction house changes, yay or nah?

Did you just admit multiboxing is p2w?


So I logged on Tuesday after work before raid to handle my AH transactions. The throttle sucked a lot. Especially with no warning. I logged off after my raid for the night was cancelled. I haven’t been back yet. I know the throttle is reduced and still in effect for cancelling. It concerns me. I have only made a pittance on the days I don’t cancel and repost. I don’t make transmog but was considering it since I wasn’t going to make enough to buy the mount before the lockout. I level my professions and make what I can in a reasonable amount of time. 30 minutes a time usually. Expulsom for the most part is another absolute waste of time and materials so I stayed away as well from those other than what I needed to level up to max for on professions.

What’s the point of having the professions maxed out if you can’t make money off them. The only way to effectively do that is post then cancel and repost because of the FIFO. I post before raid, then cancel/repost before I log off for the night several hours later. If I wake up early before work I do it again. I’m probably mid level for what I do at 300-600 auctions across Enchanting, Tailoring, Alchemy, LW and now JC. I’m working on Engineering and BS with all the free time I have since after AOTC my guild doesn’t raid so much anymore.

This feels like a punishment for leveling professions straight up. The gear at max level was a joke until recently without a ton of more grinding for each alt unless you transmog. The cost for posting TMOGs with limited sales rates meant to me I didn’t want to bother. That’s fine that’s how I want to do it. But throttling me making other basic crafted items and trying to actually work at making gold makes me question the game now. I chose WoW over Destiny out of the two games I was playing months ago because of the grinds. I’m rethinking that now. I don’t want to stop playing WoW but I really have only played over the last year to Raid and make gold. Until a new raid comes out that one’s done for me. Now gold making is in jeopardy. I’m not buying tokens with the gold so I still have my sub. But now I am going through justifications. If I can’t make enough to buy the mount the I gotta spend the gold somehow.

My feedback is an ask, please fix the need to cancel/repost. It takes up time I could be using to enjoy other parts of the game. FIFO guarantees that we have to do it to make gold. Next time I log in, I expect to only see a couple hundred gold back from the sales that took and a limited profit at best. Where as I can make thousands by cancelIng and reposting 3 times a day. Also since I have multiple crafters I funnel all sales through one AH character so please don’t set any limits on per characters per day. Thank you for your time.


Imagine spending gold to make gold 4head.

After the changes today, things appear much, much better (small sample size on my part, as I tossed stuff up for 48 hours last night due to the hotfix, so only had stuff I needed to restock to post). I noticed my post scan hanging up for 10 or 20 seconds at the 101 mark, but even with that, the scan went faster than it has on my large server pretty much ever. Posting the stuff I had available today was back to the way it was prior to the hotfix, no hanging at 101 like it did with the scanning.

Frankly, I think this is a good compromise. Constantly canceling and reposting really isn’t some common good or something that is required for a free market to work. I find it believable that the people who do it constantly have caused some significant traffic. I haven’t regularly cancelled and reposted auctions ever, and haven’t done it at all since JC got ruined in WoD. I tried it out one day earlier this patch as I was considering saving up for a longboi for my husband and thought I needed to step up my goldmaking again in order to do so. I literally couldn’t do it because the game just hung up after a while. Whether it was due to the amount of unique items (since it was mostly transmog), the number of total items it was trying to run through, the servers, or a combination of all, I couldn’t say, but that experience does lead me to believe there’s been a lot of traffic generated by those that cancel frequently.

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Logged in this morning to check on the new AH update and I am very pleased with the compromise. I was able to post a couple of hundred transmogs/pets/mats without any slowdown (my largest posting “batch” was over 100 items). Thank you devs for listening to the players and finding a solution that doesn’t hurt the bulk of us that just want to get the long boi. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I haven’t been posting much lately, however, I would like to add my input on these changes that will affect posting crafted items in Shadowlands. Based on the patterns showing up in alpha (unlearned tab), if you are a leatherworker there are 149 items you can sell, a blacksmith has 111 they can sell, a tailor has 57, a scribe about 62. You might want to consider 500-1000 items posted per account isn’t an unreasonable amount if someone is just selling crafted items from a few characters.

You claimed these changes shouldn’t affect

However, based on your initial adjustment it would.

I see you went this route and this actually penalizes people more

Because if you have 500 items or so due to expire in 40 minutes and you aren’t on in 40 minutes so you cancel them to repost, people shouldn’t be punished.

I don’t know why you don’t address the issue at the source - those addons. Break them or limit them so they can’t scan the entire AH and they can’t mass post and/or cancel. People not using addons should have to suffer because others who do are causing problems.

There is a legitimate reason for cancelling auctions, i.e. they are due to expire and you won’t be on when they do.


The history is increasingly creating “bigger hammer” type solutions to “exploits” that represent a tiny fraction of players, which were never considered exploits until devs suddenly decided they were.

But the “solution” doesn’t actually even affect those who have been tagged as exploiters or degenerates. They can get around the new restrictions. It is the overwhelming majority of the playerbase that suffers.
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Yay, imo. Those few players are slowing down the AH and controlling/ruining the economy for everyone else. I play a lot, yet because of those players, every new mount that comes out is 400,000 good or more.

I don’t understand why people complain that they don’t have gold and can’t make gold when they haven’t looked into it properly to do so. Don’t complain about gold sink mounts. If you want it, you’ll learn how to get it.

Basically just look at gold sink mounts as the mythic raiding of the gold making community.

While this is better it still feels terrible, I seem to be getting throttled somewhere in my second inventory full of posts without having cancelled a single item today. This is literally just the items I’ve crafted with a single profession that I want to sell. Rip off this failure of a band-aid completely and let’s have an honest and open chat about what you think the problem is so that we can come to an understanding.


Dear Warcraft Devs,

The very fact that you need to put some limitations and mechanisms on this method clearly proves how unfair and automated gold farming and generally earning of gold has become in game.

So, I think what you should have done is to keep the limitations as they are and instead look at how gold farm is done and at the inflation of gold on “some” players, which is causing massive damage on the majority of “normal” players.

Then maybe you can reduce the price on some certain Longboi like gold sinks and make them more affordable for general playerbase. Also, please reconsider removing that because then it will become a 9,999,999 gold costing Black Market Auction House item.

Give normal players more means to earn gold by playing and with ingame mechanisms to compensate instead, higher rewards for questing, World Quests, Emissaries, instead of Paragon RNG, make those mounts vendor mounts with higher but relatively affordable prices.

Generally, let us “earn” our gold by playing, so we can enjoy playing the game and set goals for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Auction House and open economy but it’s so unfair with the current state of the game, some medium ground has to be found.

Saying this with huge respects and with all good intent to make WoW more fun.


oh no… lol… hangs head in despair

I don’t mind they are targeting those guys and I agree these changes won’t even affect the people who posts 10s of thousands of items, especially now that they changed it to just the cancels being targeted because all that takes is an adjustment to their posting. It is the littler guys that are getting hurt by all this not them.


Aernath, everything in your post assumes that gathering and crafting items with the intent to sell them is not a gameplay mechanic. This assumption is completely wrong, that said you are not wrong about the only real way to solve the “problem” being the removal of the AH and the player agency in price setting.

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I never cancel stuff, but it seems Bliz doesn’t want me to use the AH to make gold. So… I won’t. This is the game they make, not the game I want, and I have to adapt or move on. Bliz has flat out said - how I play the game is considered abusive.

After spending hours to make expulsoms and stocking the AH with 100+ crafted items for new 120s is “abuse”. I mean… GO FIGURE.

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I’m not saying that at all, I’m against the bulk and automated use of AH and the massive gold earned from that. That’s not playing the game, that’s just abuse.

I hear you, I cancelled my subs already and gave this change as a reason. If it gets reverted I’ll re-sub, if not I’ll move on to another hobby when time runs out.

Have you actually every used TSM? It doesn’t automate any more than DBM, WeakAuras, or a large variety of addons. You still have to send a click or keypress for each and every post and cancel.


With how he replies. He hasn’t. He doesn’t have a clue.