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Who are we?

Most of us our in are 30s-40s and played WoW in the past. Some for years and some only Classic. Most are raiders and most were pretty hardcore in the past. If you are younger or this is your first time you are welcome. We will be raiding, but welcome others that might want to just hang out.
Who do we want?

As said above we are pretty open. That said, we expect people to be civil and respectful to others around that. That goes for people in the guild and outside the guild. Hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, etc people are not welcome!
If my math is right we are about 10 short of the 40 people needed to raid… so people wanting to raid would be great. But we will expect people to know their class, and come prepared for the (more on the later.)


The goal is to make the looting process as clear as we can so while people might sometimes be unhappy they will never be butt hurt or shocked.

We will be using DPK.
-Raiders will get DKP for their time in a Raid and for kills. (People on stand-by – if that is a thing, will also get DKP)
-Items will have a DKP cost value. (For example, a main weapon could be 50 and a bracer 30 (not the real numbers.))
-When an item drops in the Raid, the group will be asked if anyone wants it. The person that gets it will be the one that has the highest DKP. The cost of the item will then be deducted from their DKP balance.
-If no one wants the item, the group will be asked again if they want it again at a much cheaper DKP price. The winning person will be the one with the highest DKP and have that DKP cost deducted from their DKP balance.

(If no one still wants it, the item will be DE’d and put in the guild bank. Tier tokens, if no one wants them will be a free /roll. People can’t roll for a piece they already have – unless no one else wants it. Tier token rules will be revisited in newer content. When the Tier stuff doesn’t super suck. )

*note, I didn’t say main or alt roles. DKP is DKP. You put your time in and you might be doing other things other than raiding. That said, if you aren’t taking loot and are waiting for something sexy to drop, you won’t be invited to Raid. We also expect people to use the loot get from a Raid. Cool guy in IF doesn’t mean using it.

“But, that pally took the best cloth caster helm!”
Yeah they did, if they had the DKP.

What about Hunters?
We might have to put some limits on hunters. Melee weapons are a HUGE deal for melee classes and a hunter is just using it for the stats. Hopefully we don’t have dick hunters. 

What happens when someone’s been playing a long time and has a ton of DKP and takes everything or some minor side grade?
That is a problem. First, hopefully someone isn’t a super dick. We might also have the DKP degrade. DKP balances will be different for different content. For example, Onyxia and MC will share a list and BWL will be a different one. (I’m not sure if ZG or AQ 20 even need DKP, but we can talk about it as a guild.)

At the start, Tanks will get priority for gear. It will still cost DKP and they will likely go negative, but it has to be tanking gear. (This also goes for the first Thunderfury – that will go to a tank. Maybe off tank/fury? We can talk about it.)

Crafting items that drop in the raid will go to the guild. (Like motes ‘n stuff.) These will first be used to level up selected people’s professions. Then those items will be used to enchant/craft gear for Raiders. Hopefully we get to the point that we can sell them cheap to guilds (or just give them out for guildies to use (not sell.) If you need it, and it is for the raid, we can work something out. Something like Nightfall.)

BOEs that drop in raid – they will be given to the Guild Bank and then sold on the AH for the Guild. Ideally we want enough gold so we can turn on guild repairs. This gold will also be used for Mats to get the items to help the raid (Gear? Pots? Enchants? Etc…) (Note, if the BOE is a BIS then talk to the GM or an Officer BEFORE a raid and we can work out if it should be something DKP can be used for. Just remember, BOEs drop all the time but gold is VERY hard to get. )

Can I join the Raid team?
If you are willing to put the time in, know your roll and are Raid Ready. Sure. It is unclear how many people are really needed to clear content. We all kinda sucked in the past. Maybe all 40 isn’t needed. It is always a good idea to have extra people around if RL happens and someone can’t make it.

What does Raid Ready mean?
Know the fights. Be geared correctly. (Example, DPS you better be at hit cap!) Enchanted gear. Don’t expect to Raid as a fresh 60 in greens. Have the right addons (Example, DPS have a threat meters.) Have consumables. (Flasks, pots, food, etc…)
Officers will check your stat priority, gear, addons, etc before you will be allowed to Raid.

Can I Tank as a Pally or Druid in the Raid?
Druid… hrmmm… maybe if we can’t someone else to off tank. Hopefully not. Pally? Let’s pretend you didn’t ask that. 

Can I Raid with a spec that people say are bad? (Example, shadow priest, Ret pally, druid anything other than a healer)
*yes, but you need to prove yourself. If you are playing something “bad” you better have put the time in to get all the gear, consumables, enchants, etc. to keep you competitive. You’ll never be the top, but you can’t be allowed to hold the Raid back! (Personally, I’m going to try to main Ret Pally, but i’m prepared, if I fail, to go holy… boo… )

The Officers will be looking at meters and logs. Also you need to be approved for that role. Please don’t expect to show up one day saying you are main switching to a survival hunter or arcane mage.

When is Raid time?

We have people on the east and west coast. While nothing is set yet, it will most likely be a time that works for both. Like a start time of 9-10EST. Maybe people will be around on the weekend. That opens up a lot of options.

What else?

Well, at the launch everything is going to be a little wacky.
It will take time for people to level up. (I plan to do it in under 2 weeks.) We’ll need to Recruit more people. Grind pre-raid loots. Level up professions, etc. Grind… Grind more… Run 5 mans over and over.

Remember, people will need attunements!!

Clearly we are all going into the first Raids lacking, but don’t expect to just jump in new at 60. I also assume the first few Raids we might not have enough people at 60 so we might to have find another guild to do it with or some random. (At that point people can free roll for loots, though I would like to keep mats for the gear. But the team that brings the most people have more stay on stuff  )

How do I join the guild?

Well, you can make an account on our site. You can also msg the GM (Zurv) or someone else in the guild in when the servers launch.
site: cookieparty wowalliances com

Wassup zen :slight_smile:
don’t forget to sign into the guild website! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Sounds great! I’ll msg you on Monday.

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