Anvilmar and Undermine

Friendly, growing, alliance guild (2)
Does anyone ever come here anymore? (10)
Reforged 4/9 H BfDA looking for AotC (1)
Guess I will start actively recuiting (A) (3)
Dying if logged out while flying (2)
(H) Area52 Tues/Weds Evening LF DPS (1)
Mythics and how to get in (2)
Active Guild Recruitment Reforged (3)
3/8M recruiting (2)
Rejuvy here (3)
<H> Mythic Raiding Guild recruiting (1)
Instant death in Isle of Quel'Danas today at level 110 (1)
Prot Warrior looking for a raiding/Mythic+ guild (2)
FIX IVUS Bonus Roll! (1)
[A] <Reforged> 5/8H LF you! (3)