<The Maelstroms Fury> is looking for you!

(6/11N) is looking for heals & DPS to join our raid team! We’re super casual but aiming for AOTC, so if you like shooting the sh!t in Discord but focusing up for pulls, come chill and kill things with us. If you’re looking for a home - we maybe it!

Our guild also runs Mythic and transmog runs of old content - guild events PVP and more. If you’re not geared enough to raid - we can get you there. If you are - you can start raiding with us tonight!

We raid (Tue/Wed 8-10:30pm EST) and if you’re interested message me for more info!

Looking for a fresh start to end SL and go into 10.0 I have a few 250ish classes I could trasnfer but really want to start at lvl 1 and work my way up (i like to level) Hows Anvilmar, Ive never seen this server before and curious how active the server is?.. Your guild seems like a really chill place to be, is it play what you like ? I guess my last question is are you noob friendly? I can rock out DPS and Heals on my mains but really want to try a class ive never played before and would feel bad if my DPS wasnt great but at the same time id like to raid and learn the class to get better. Thanks in advance!

Message me on Discord if still looking

Irwink Link#9373