Recruiting and looking for you!

Alliance Guild on Anvilmar US/Undermine US

is looking for heals & DPS to join our raid team for Dragonflight!

****We are especially looking for a raid leader or two going into the new expansion - this is a role with a lot of good perks for a reliable and confident raid leader! ****

We’re super casual but aim for AOTC, so if you like shooting the sh!t in Discord but focusing up for pulls, come chill and kill things with us. If you’re looking for a home - we maybe it!

Our guild also runs Mythic and transmog runs of old content - guild events PVP and more. We also have a community you can join to test the waters with us before joining!

We raid 8-10:30pm EST 2x a week - Wed and Thurs.

Message me for more info
Discord: Irwink Link#9373