<Regeneration> -Alliance- LFM

Yep, this is a recruitment post. Regeneration is a Family Friendly(clean, drama free as much as we can, try to avoid NSFW stuff generally) guild composed of adults with spouses, full time jobs and families. We are looking to start raiding come next patch, or before the end of the current patch. We run mythic+ when we can and level a bunch of alts and suck at pvp.

Raid Nights + Times are :
Thurs/Mon 7pm-9pm Central time.

Needed: All the things, but mainly dps/healers.
We have 5 people committed to raid when we get it going. 2 maybes and a bunch of “if you need me shoot me a text”

Reply on here, apply through the guild finder with a note, or send In Game Mail to Kakarot-anvilmar.

For the Alliance or whatever.