Regeneration Guild Recruitment

Regeneration is a Cross Server/Cross Faction warcraft guild/ discord community. We have guilds on Thrall-Horde/ Anvilmar(and all servers connected to it) Alliance as well as an Alliance guild on Silvermoon. We also have various members from guilds on Bleeding Hollow/Lightbringer and other random servers.

I’m looking to beef up our Alliance Regeneration representation in our discord community. We currently represent about 10 of the 60 or so members. We currently field a 20 man raid team. Several Mythic + crews. And a bunch of “Hanger Outers” which is all great. We are lacking in anyone really interested in PvP which is something that would be great to change.

Raid Times
Monday/Thursday 7pm-9:30pm CST.

Looking For
Anyone, just more bodies to adventure with

If you are looking for a social guild or maybe want to dip your toes in pvp or raiding find us in the Guild finder @ Regeneration.