AH, what is this BS

I can barely get gold in anyway except the AH, SO Blizzard wants to mess with it because you know. Its been working so its about time we messed it up. Now i make my gold charge cheaper prices for popular items. But now i cant do that. After posting a item i get a notification: “Hey there, theres no need to undercut prices. Your goods will be extended in the Auction house until current goods are sold.” So what you cant post things for your price anymore? So its first come first serve, they set the prices? So i can just keep posting veiled crystals for 100k and eventually i can force the prices to some bull. This doesn’t make any sense.

I have no idea of WTF is happening prices are nearly all 20 to 200 times reasonable. I will put 50 to 100 pieces on the AH at 25 to 33% of the Add-On suggested price or at 10 to 20% below the lowest price on the AH. that will get me about 5 to 10% chance of selling.