Guess I will start actively recuiting (A)

Happily I have seen a number of guilds doing stuff again on Anvilmar/Undermine but there also seems to be a lot of solo players or tiny almost no population small guilds out there either trying to make something new, or just dead guilds with a few people hanging on.

My guild is one of those I am the last of the 3 original founders who created Divination during BC and over the years the guild faded away. I refuse to let it die and at this point I am running out of solo content to keep me truly happy.

So I am calling out there for the fractured masses who are solo playing or the last hangers on of a dead guild or a small guild looking to be a part of something bigger to have a larger pool of people to do stuff with.

I’m not going to promise anything fancy. No oh we are xx/xx and may or may not have spots open for this or that please sit around and hope to do this or that if we are missing blah blah.

The few of us that do raid regularly pug into groups or run with a few other guild’s teams currently but wouldn’t mind forming our own group/groups. Even if it is just a teaching raid run for people not currently raiding or have been to shy/scared to even try.

Would also love to form up groups that want to do random BGs and rated BGs to get the most out of the game that we can.

Anyway if there is any honest interest please get ahold of me on here or whisper or in game mail me… I am Ancilla I’ve put a lot of time into this game I still enjoy this game and I would love to create a group of people again that want to do things have fun enjoy this game and want a good group of people to be around.

Have a good day everyone and hopefully I can rebuild that missing piece of this game that I wish I still had.

-Ancilla “Last Standing Leader of Divination”

I hear you Ancilla i tried forever to bring Crimson Blade back from the dead many times as that was my original guild when i started playing on Anvilmar in Vanilla. However sometimes its best to let a guild go for our own sanity! Anyways either way good luck

I don’t think I could let my guild go, maybe if I was only just a member of it I could of, But I created it, took scores of people who never raided and caught them and built them up to win…Took in new players or people who didn’t think they could do or see end game and proved good people willing to learn can pull off amazing things.

It just means a lot to me and I don’t want to let that die completely… So I will try and struggle and see what I can re create out of it all.

hey I’m interested if this is still an offer going on I

It will always be an offer, I truly wish to keep trying to pull in every person I can to rebuild a community.


Hello Ancilla. You truly sound like a dedicated player and guild leader. I’ve been playing since shortly after inception with a few occasional breaks/burn-out/life, etc.

I’m curious about two things. First is are you able to confirm whether or not the data server is in Chicago? (I’ve been researching and find contradictory information at times regarding locations - this would simply help with latency…). Second is if you did get a group up and running for raid, groups, etc… what times (CDT) and days would you think about running those?

Thank you very much.

I cannot confirm physical location of our server but I am in New York with no lag issues and other members are in California and have no issues, Currently I have open availability 7 nights a week to run dungeons/raid/bgs so really it will boil down to when is the best time for all interested parties to gather to down things.

Also I don’t mind running multiple times on my main even when I cannot gain anything from a run just because I enjoy running and willing to help others gain gear/experience from doing the runs.

I’m looking for an active guild! Most of my characters are in a guild that never has more than 2 people online. I hate to admit it but I have NEVER done a mythic dungeon during its current release… I would like to change that.

Did this ever work out for you? I have a wanting for a new home. Not sure if creating one is what I need to do or if something like I want exists already on this realm.
Guild of people over 30 years old even 40 preferable.
Non elitist guild. Looking for more of a family type friendly guild.
Most guilds are raid/mythic driven. Only log in for that then log out again.
I want a much more casual social setting.