[A] <The Maelstroms Fury> LFM for 9.1

<The Maelstrom’s Fury> is an established guild looking to fill in some slots for our Heroic raid team. We’re a mostly casual guild, and while we are currently looking for raiders, we host gold farms, transmog contests, keystones, and (though less often) PvP.

We’re an inclusive guild with a laid-back atmosphere, with occasional adult content. Just a fair warning!

We are currently looking toward 9.1. Raid times will be Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10:30 PM server/Eastern.
We are currently looking for (needs are in bold):

Healers (any class/spec)
Any other roles are welcome.

There are no strict requirements for raiding, but 205 ilvl+ with legendary are prefered.

If you want to join us for raid, please hit me up at Scarbo#11426 or Harrin at Foxtopus#1696 (BNet). If you’re down to join us just to hang out, feel free to hit us up in game as well!

Cool group is cool, and we want YOU! (Yes, you specifically reading this.)

(Bump me up)
Bump me up inside
(I can’t bump up)

The male backing vocals were added to Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” because the studio didn’t think a rock song with only female vocals would sell well. A more stripped-back version with the intended vocals can be found on the band’s fourth album, Synthesis.

Learn more music facts like this one by joining The Maelstrom’s Fury today!

In order to join, you must like both kinds of music: Young Thug, and everything else.

Does your raid lead know the way that
The sunshine gleams from your damage parse?
Does he know the way, does he know the way
Of the dungeons that would convince me to stay on all night?

Me and you, wiping in a Sanctum raid
If I ressed up all of you, if I ressed up all of you

Don’t believe in bumps! Believe in me! Believe in the me that believes in bumps!

Bump like Van Halen.

Aye! Somebody order a large pizza with extra bumperroni?!

Hi - tried messaging you both in game with no luck.

I also added your Bnet - hoping that works - but if not I’m reaching out here - I’m interested due to your raid times. So if you have room for me to be an active player - please seek me out. Thanks