Inconsistencies in WC3 Reforged you want to see fixed in the future update

I made this post long ago and I’m not that satisfied that not all of them were answered (well thanks for making Stratholme a port city again, and replacing Blackrock Trolls into Amani, I guess?) so I decided to make a new post but with the campaign in Reforged; that’s because I don’t plan to refund at all and I still care about this game that much.

Anyway, this is what I found so far:

  • Remove Mal’ganis’ ability to summon Infernals
  • Replace the Emissary model in Dissension [8]
  • Replace Ogres with Nerubians or whatever decent Northrend creeps in Dissension
  • Replace Human Captains in Fall of Silvermoon with High Elf Lieutenants
  • Replace Far Seers with WC2 Death Knights in Blackrock and Roll Too [1]
  • Remove Furbolgs in Siege of Dalaran and Dungeons of Dalaran [2]
  • Replace Dwarf units with High Elf units in The Siege of Dalaran and Under the Burning Sky [3]
  • Replace Cannon Towers with Boulder Towers in Under the Burning Sky
  • Replace Heretics with more fitting creeps like Satyrs or evil Highborne mages in The Oracle
  • Replace Mystics with Druids of the Talon in Brothers in Blood [5]
  • Remove the skull part in Gul’dan’s Corpse doodad in Tomb of Sargeras
  • Give actual High/Blood Elf models for Castle/Scout Tower/Blacksmith/Altar/Ballistae and replace Guard Towers with Elven Guard Towers in A Dark Covenant, Gates of the Abyss, Search for Illidan, Lord of Outland, Return to Northrend, and A Symphony of Frost and Flame; also give Blood Elf Archers their proper model and replace Human Barracks with Elven Barracks
  • Replace the Emissary’s model in A Dark Covenant
  • Replace the models of Royal Guard, Elite Knight, and Crusader in The Crossing, Old Hatreds, and A Blaze of Glory
  • Replace the Draenei Boulder Tower’s model in Gates of the Abyss [4]
  • Replace the Black Citadel Death Tower’s model in Lord of Outland [4]
  • Remove Fel Orc Kodos in Lord of Outland [7]
  • Change the elves to their High Elf versions in King Arthas
  • Reforge Flight from Lordaeron to properly reflect the Lordaeron Throne Room and the Capital City instead of doodad vomits
  • Change Sorceresses in To Tame a Land into their High Elf versions
  • Give actual models for Ogre Huts in Old Hatreds [9]
  • Replace Chief’s of Chaplains model in A Blaze of Glory [6]
  • Redo Darkspear Trolls’ voicelines, or maybe just the birth sound

[1] Far Seers in Blackrock Clan is a huge contradiction. The clan’s demonic connections and fel use should have made the elements and spirits abandon the clan members already.

[2] Furbolgs are native to Kalimdor; how did they get in Dalaran?

[3] Not even Wildhammer Shamans have got anything to do with Dalaran, because Shamanism is quite far from Arcane. Much more with Dwarf Riflemen, Steam Tanks, or even Gnomish Gyrocopters, Better replace them with High Elf Archers, Ballistae, and Dragonhawk Riders.

Edit: or let’s say Dalaran is the last standing Alliance bastion in WC3, then the enemy team should be themed with Alliance forces like Lordaeron Refugees, Aerie Peak Reinforcements, Alliance Loyalist High Elves, and the main Kirin Tor body; kinda makes sense since if you’re going to unleash literal doom on the planet, might as well face the all-out combined might of the Alliance

[4] They are bearing Silvemoon Crests, it’s not good looking

[5] I don’t know what Mystics are but if they are arcane mages, then they are contradicting to the Night Elves’ ban on arcane, much more even to the Wardens, since they (Maiev, particularly) hate the Highborne so much. But their spells are apparently shamanistic (Purge and unusable Bloodlust) so it may be somewhat “a little bit druidic”. But still…

[6] He doesn’t look like an actual Priest/Chaplain/Paladin leader

[7] There is LITERALLY NO REASON for fel Kodos to be in Outland, there can’t be some Warsong orc to smuggle some fel Kodos back inside the Dark Portal. Better change them into something fel-orcish like Necrolytes, or Fel Orc Slave Masters.

[8] Since you’re going to incorporate WoW here, might as well change the Emissary into a High Elf (isn’t there a High Elf Emissary model from the beta?)

[9] |Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’d like to see more what inconsistencies you found.


removing Fel Orc Kodos in Outland

Actually they didn’t. They’re still up and running in the Blood Elf campaign.

Replace Mystics with Druids of the Talon in Brothers in Blood [5]

True, they’re even using High/Blood elven models as of this post. That’s just plain stupid.

Replace Shamans with Warlocks/Necrolytes/Death Knights in Tomb of Sargeras

They did replace them :slight_smile:

Change Sorceresses in To Tame a Land into their High Elf versions

I actullay think they should replace most if not all the elven units in the alliance after RoC. They wouldn’t be helping the alliance after hearing of their homeland’s destruction and Garithos’ treachery.

Replace the Emissary’s model in A Dark Covenant

I believe it’s human now.

As for the ogres in Northrend, I don’t find them so far fetched since they clearly reached almost the entire world after getting through the Dark Portal. And the Kirin Tor could’ve secretly known about Kalimdor, maybe they even sent some expedition forces before and encountered furbolgs.

For the rest of the bullet points I definitely agree, yet they didn’t even bother to fix these minor details when they at first announced major lore-straightening changes. How do you go back on so many stuff even like this? The LEAST they could do if they went back so much on the lore changes was to make it consistent and logical. Not even that we got.


The problem is it bears the Kul Tiran crest. They can go for an extra mile to add a new same model but with Lordaeron or Silverhand crest.

good good, it makes me happy

that’s weird, I didn’t see one when I played. I’ll change it now

Well in King Arthas there’s Jenalla and a few High Elf allies; when Daelin picked up Dagren the Orcslayer, I think some High Elves also joined.

I mean there’s the established lore about Kor’gall and the Stonemaul in Kalimdor, but none about some Ogre travellers in Northrend. I still think its’ better to replace with even more Trolls or Tuskarr or Polar Furbolgs.


Exactly, Jenalla was there with only a few High Elves in Lordaeron but to see so many elves in Kalimdor which don’t belong to Jaina’s forces is really weird.

I mean there’s the established lore about Kor’gall and the Stonemaul in Kalimdor, but none about some Ogre travellers in Northrend. I still think its’ better to replace with even more Trolls or Tuskarr or Polar Furbolgs.

Fair enough. If they added TFT content into the RoC campaigns they might as well add TFT mercenaries too to that chapter.


They were probably unaware of what’s going on in Dalaran; Vereesa Windrunner also wasn’t part of the Kalimdor Brigades

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Theres a lot more gamebreaking issues then your little lore things

The Missions:

Twilight of the Gods, Rage Winterchill stops spawning when a base hits Wave 11 (double hero wave) Then Wave 9-11 repeat as intended but with no Lich which casts frost nova and Finger of Death reducing damage A LOT
Anetheron Has Rain of Chaos Rank 1 not 3 (less infernal spawns)
Archimonde is lvl 1, has no skills, has no items.

By Demons be Driven, Jaina won’t spawn if you watch the cutscene

March of the Scourge, Lich’s Dont join the fight EVER

A New Power in Lordaeron - Gates are intact to Purple, Oj, and Green bases meaning NO ATTACKS

Daughters of the Moon CLASSIC - No inventory for Tyrande

Siege of Dalaran being CLEARLY an unfinished ALPHA map stage

have many broken mechanics which destroy the maps


in Blackrock and Roll Too they still fight with red dragons. Those orcs didn’t have them anymore at that point and should be black dragons.


I wanna see updates of :

  • new modern UI
  • Advanced modern Settings ( Video option )
  • Fixed Lighting, shadows
  • New tree and grass model a.k.a 2018
  • Fixed Portrait animation
  • New object animation ( tree wind, grass etc )

But most importantly FIX Ladder, servers, ping, desync.

Deliver this and my votes goes 10/10 :wink:


By Anduin’s holy bones, Kor’gall and his Stonemauls are using Draenei Exodar style buildings


This is a good basis for Blizzard to work on the changes that need to be made.


Not to repeat the same.

Give Naisha a model that looks like a Warden and not a Sentinel.
More thorns. Heavier armor. A layer. Something like Tyrande de Heros Skin.
Or maybe I don’t know how she is in a lower range, she has a miniskirt (?)

Why more than the second in command of Naisha. It looks like someone Maiev found out there.

Then I would say to have Skins of Wardens for achers and Huntresses for the missions of Maiev. Returned nothing very worked. Simply use the wardens that already exist (the ones you kill with Tyrande) but with other weapons and animations.


Not Exodar style. It has too much wood. I would say it is neither Exodar(I am aware of the crest) or ogre style.


Considering that one of the supposed main features of reforged was to fix these inconsistencies i would say that they are still pretty important and pretty easily fixed tbh.


my bad, don’t know what to call it, but it’s still Draenei design and it’s very wrong for Stonemaul buildings

Yours idee are not bad at all! If blizz won`t do it…then I will do some of them !


It is a cheap way to fit it everywhere and nowhere.


Although surely you do not do it for money, your love of the game cannot be explained in words, keep it up my friend that what you do is wonderful.


Hello again! Just a quick note to inform you about about the current modifications of your proposal! At this moment the next modifications will be visible in-game :

● Replace ogres with polar bear and a Nerubian Queen (add bloodlust to one of the polar bears to maintain abilitie from the ogre magi) This replacement will be visible in to the final cinematic as well of course!
●Replace Captains with Spellbreaker (blood elf lieutenants does not fit that well because of their red outfit that is not changeable even if you change the colour ,some parts remains red )
●Replace Cannon Towers with Boulder Towers even if they have 100+ damage I"ve taken decision to make Sylvanan playable since ROC ,it should not be a problem !

I didn’t find a way to change the dwarf unit with other unit (to be human not high elf) since Dalaran has humans I dicided to leave it as it is

Can’t find any furbolgs in any of the maps that you specified they should already made the changes

Mal’Ganis does not cast Inferno from what I tested earlier.

That’s all! If the ROC remastered campaign will break the tops…be sure to see changes in TFT as well ! Good luck and have a nice day!


That’s nice, king! But I’ve been told many times that there’s actually a High Elf Lieutenant model somewhere but wasn’t just used? Perhaps I’ll have to ask some Hiveworkshop people to make a skin for a High Elf version of Spell Breaker or Lieutenant.

(I would love to make models/skins myself but sadly I have no actually decent PC to edit models)

Really nice Dexter, keep up the good work!, mind if I make some suggestions:

I don’t think polar bears would be mercenaries, they’re beasts after all, should be kept in the wild, also the Nerubians were pretty much hostile to everyone around that time, it’s a bit weird to have a Queen facing her people also, replace them with Tuskarr better.

Nice enough, If u can add a couple neutral ranger heroes with Jenalla’s model on the first two Quel’thalas missions on the random bases, and some Blood Mages using the melee model on the second and third mission.

I don’t understand, wasn’t ghost Sylvanas playable before? I just played through the campaign Ghost Sylvanas was a really cool custom hero u could use.

Maybe use the brigand model and make a custom rifleman unit, or use the apprentice magician model to add more mage flavor, also replace the mortar team model with the blood wizard one and give it the firelord or the black dragon missile?

I’m pretty sure the furbolgs come with the experiments that regularly attack ur base during the siego of dalaran, replace them with sasquatchs

Thanks for the rest!

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