Any updates for campaign and assets?

I do appreciate the updates for ranked but, what about the campaign? I do believe it’s still in a not-so-good position in terms of quality, lore accuracy, and consistency

Follow up on my previous posts:

Don’t you yourselves think it’s just wrong to see that Dreadlords and Paladins have 7438943232 models and Jennalla Deemspring even has her own model, meanwhile all the other Fel Orc Chieftains are still Grom, there’s even the Exodari Houses in the Stonemaul Clan

also, many of us are still hoping for a Classic and Reforged story campaign toggle, I should bring this back up:


Let me give you the current Blizzard management answer.



Quenchin 1.1 check it out. It’s in forum.


Not to mention having those two half-done maps without dialogues for half the characters.

Nothing like fighting against the King of the elves and this does not tell you anything. But what a serious guy.

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