IMDDK - Low Performance

I have like 1 - 2 fps in 4s games. it is unplayable. Blizzard really needs to do something here. the game engine is too old and cant use multi core CPU power!
this problem has been here for so long. Please fix it Blizzard. Thanks

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Hey, IMDDK! I went ahead and move this to a new thread since the other one was inactive for some times.

For the concerns with the game engine, it is an older game and hopefully our team is working on utilizing multi-cores. If you wanted to provide feedback over this, it would be best on the #general-discussion forums as these forums are managed by the technical support team and the developers may not check it as often as the the General Discussion or Bug Report forums.

For the concerns with the 1-2 FPS, this usually means that the display adapter is using the Microsoft Basic Display adapter drivers. This could mean that either the graphics drivers are not up to date, the monitor cables on the desktop is plugged into the intergrated graphics instead of the expansion, or the CMOS needs a reset.

It can help to check for the graphics driver updates from the manufacturer (Intel, Nvidia, AMD) and if you are on a desktop, check that the correct video card is being used. It should be using the expansion card instead of the onboard card.

The CMOS reset is not supported by Blizzard, but if it is showing any device code errors like Error 43, it may need a CMOS reset.

If those suggestions do not help with the issue, could you provide a DxDiag file? Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for


Thanks for the quick response Caterpepi.
For your info, I had latest nvidia driver updated and all other drivers updated. However, in games I still have really low fps and performance. In 1s game fps dropped to 30 40 fps. And in team games, it is unplayable, only have < 20 fps sometimes it goes under 5fps in late games and big battles.
I pasted my dxidiag here for you to check.
Please kindly have a look in to this matter since I believe not only my have this issue.
Here is my dxdiag file in pastebin “aasRRMuA”


Thank you for the DxDiag, IMDDK! The system files look pretty solid. There’s some radar preleak errors with SC2, but these generally shouldn’t cause an issue with the performance.

I believe I found something that our team is looking into and its a very high priority from our team. After the patch 4.11.4, they were seeing some performance issues with versus, co-op, and custom 1v1 games. Based on what you were saying here and some other threads, it sounds relevant to this issue.

At the moment, there’s no additional information for the issue, but our team is looking into this. Just curious, have you tried lowering your settings in the mean time to see if it may be a bit more playable?

Dear Caterpepi,

Thanks for your reply. And glad that Blizzard team is looking into this issues and fixing it for good. I also have the stutter in game like [Shiakaron} and explain in this post.

For your interest, I am playing with settings on low except the shaders. its fine at the start of the game then fps I have only around 10 30 fps and dropped below 5fps when late games and have massive battles. its unplayable!

Hope you can fix this as soon as possible for everything can have nice smooth gaming experience!

Thanks & sincerely,

hey @caterpepi,

Anything new or solution for this matter? I tried new patch 5.0.2 and fps still very low. Please update us! the game with 10 fps is just unplayable…

Hey, IMDDK! Sorry for the delay, I was not in the office for a few days. At this moment, there’s no new information to share. Could you contact our technical support team to look into this with you? We may be able to work with you on getting the game a bit more playable until the core issue is fully resolved by our team.


Thanks for your response.
I will contact the technical support team and let them know about the issue.
In the meantime, please update us if you have anything to fix performance issue and low FPS.

Thanks & regards,

if it slows down after a while, it might suggest a memory problem. if your system have 8 gigabytes of ram or less, you will run out of memory. you can however paste you dxdiag in your topic by opening it in notepad and copying the text, then pasting it in here.

Hi Andreasasp,
My system has 12gb of ram. I check RAM usage while playing and it has plenty available. but in team games 3s 4s the fps dropped badly to < 10.

Hey @Blizzard,

Please explain this 1 FPS game to us! There are many players getting freeze and low FPS like this in SC2 games. Seriously, this is just unplayable! …
ibb. co/ HPPLS8f (Remove the space pls)
imgur. com/ M0i4Drg

it works well if you have proper hardware. i have i7-8700k and rtx 2080 ti, along with 32 gigabytes of ram. i have tested it both on gtx 1070 and 1080 and that did not work as well. 1080 ti barely ran it at maximum. what my testing suggests is that starcraft 2 requires a very good gpu. either an overclocked 1080 ti or an rtx gpu. if it runs at 1 fps however, there is something wrong on your end. i do not know your specs however so, it would really help if you posted them here.

Hey Andrea,

Thanks for your feedback. However, not everyone have a chance to play on good hardware PC with good specs like you mentioned.
And again I only play this game with low setting not like maximum or whatever and still have 1FPS in games… Why? How? Even 1s 2s games still getting really low FPS. This is the game issues not our ends. And its been like this for like since the start…
If you wanna know my spec check the link in the previous post.
Or here is my dxdiag file in pastebin “ aasRRMuA ”
Thanks ,

honestly pretty sure it’s blizz fault, I have a much worse setup than him and yet I have 30-60fps , but not long ago for an entire day I just got less than 5fps after 2 minutes in a game. and sometimes nowdays too for just random occasions. What I managed to figure it out that if my normal 30-90 ping goes up 120+ my fps goes down like crazy but when my ping goes down again my fps goes up again it’s really weird.

that means that your fps is directly affected by your connection speed. you could try to get a faster internet but, if that does not work, i do not know what will.

yeah the thing is I can’t get a better one, bliz should fix the sphagetti code.
never seen another game where ping affected the fps things slide and whatnot(laughs in dark souls 3 multiplayer) but never ever the fps went down anywhere else when the ping went high


I completely agree that Blizz needs to fix its code for SC2. I never get FPS like this in games even in heavy graphic games. in SC2 when everyone has like 10 20 supplies its good, however, when everyone’s supplies are higher (late games) or in heavy battles and the FPS dropped down like crazy. Its 1 FPS and cant get any lower?
I am not talking about the ping of connection speed cause low FPS here. My internet and ping are just fine here. Getting around 30 ms in games on sings server. But the FPS still get to 1…


i do not have that problem but, i have powerful hardware(i7-8700k, rtx 2080 ti, 32 gigabytes of ram), even though my pc is now 2 years old. that does mean that you have options, if you can afford it. if you can not afford it however, you could try to get an extra part time job to earn extra money. if that is not possible, you could consider a loan.

Thanks so much for your very helpful replies and help dude.


The last I see on your ticket, we were advising you to fix power throttling on your HP Laptop. Did you perform those steps, and did anything change?