(Abandoned) Consolidated 10th Anniversary Achievement issues

[With the fixes in patch, I’m abandoning this thread. If issues persist or new issues are found with any achievements, I’ll start a new thread and link it here.]

New thread: Consolidated 10th Anniversary Achievement issues
As of

Heart of the Swarm

FIXED - We are the Swarm (Achievement text correction (Polish))
FIXED - So Many Banelings (Typo correction in achievement’s description)
FIXED - Eat, Love, Then Pray (Rewording of achievement’s description)
FIXED - We are the Swarm (Achievement text correction)

Legacy of the Void

FIXED - Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar
FIXED - You must defend additional pylons
FIXED - Big Spear Diplomacy
FIXED - Disintegration Doctrine - However, the Raven’s Auto Turrets will still fail the achievement (they are technically classified as structures). Be sure to clear them all out before defeating Narud.

Nova Covert Ops

FIXED - One Shot, One Opportunity

Wings of Liberty

1. The Quick and the Dead - Activate 2 Tendrils in the “Echoes of the Future” mission within 4 minutes on Normal difficulty.

  • The issue with this one is that the achievement description is misleading. It’s being interpreted as two tendrils within 4 minutes of each other, essentially at any time during the mission.
  • Rewording it to indicate that the two tendrils need to be activated within 4 minutes of the start of the mission will eliminate the confusion.

2. The way of the Nerazim - Kill 30 enemy units or structures with Dark Templar in the “A Sinister Turn” mission.

  • There’s a report that the German translation of the description text is missing the “with Dark Templar” portion.

Adding this item to my OP above:

Legacy of the Void

Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar

UPDATE: I was able to get this achievement even with having completed the bonus objective. And I’ve seen a report of someone not doing the bonus objective and still not getting the achievement. But with how often people are failing it, it may be worth looking into for some other cause.

# Covert Ops
### Curiosity Killed the Zergling - Destroy 200 enemy forces with Spider Mines in the “Sudden Strike” mission
* There’s a consensus that there are simply not enough enemy forces to do this on the Normal difficulty level.

Tried Templar’s Charge from Master Archive

  • No Units constructed or lost including interceptors/probes
  • Normal difficulty
  • Solar Bombardment / Solar Lance used
  • No structures lost
  • Did not move from starting platform apart from 1 Mirage. (Used to spot for Solar Bombardment on Power Cores before recalling)
  • No Secondary Objectives

No achievement given.

I just got this after about ten tries and the only difference between my last and the previous attempts was that I didn’t use the overhead offensive abilities.

Final attempt:
No Bonus objectives
3 Carriers and 2 Mirage (which I didn’t use any of), 8 probes, 9 void rays.
No units or structures lost.
Didn’t gather any vespene because I didn’t want the assimilators to go neutral when I moved the platform.
Used Time Stop for first and last primary objective
Did not use Solar Lance, Orbital Strike, or Temporal Field

I don’t know if is really what made the difference or if I just got lucky, but there was barely any variation in my last few attempts except for the exclusion of offensive Spear of Adun abilities.

It’s worth a shot to try it out I guess?

I also cannot get the Templar’s Charge anniversary achievement after trying different things a few times.

However, I did use Carriers every time and certainly lost a few interceptors but nothing else. I thought they fixed it so interceptors would no longer count as lost units for this achievement but it’s still is not popping up.

Can anyone confirm if they still received this achievement after using Carriers and losing some interceptors during the mission?

EDIT: I was just able to complete this achievement by using Carriers (and losing several interceptors).
I moved the platform around a couple of times. I did leave assimilators behind which turned neutral (that does not count as lost units like someone speculated).

The only difference was that I did not use Solar Lance or Purifier Beam during this attempt. I have a sneaking suspicion that Purifier Beam (since it can be controlled) might count as a lost unit after its duration expires.

Just to add what Rasp said above with my attempt that got me the achievement after several tries:

  • Normal
  • No Bonus
  • 3 Carries and 2 Mirages (also unused), 8 Probes, 7 Void Rays.
  • No Units or Structures lost.
  • Did NOT moved the platform.
  • I gathered vespene from the first Assimilators, but left 3 vespene on each, just to avoid the depleted state.
  • Spear of Adun abilities:
    • Chrono Surge
    • Orbital Strike (Unused)
    • Nexus Overcharge (for wave defense)
    • Mass Recall
    • Reconstruction Beam
    • Time Stop
    • Auxilliary Systems maxed.
  • Used Time Stop on all objectives, then Mass Recall.
  • Killed several units with the Void Rays defending and dealing with aggroed enemies on my path to the objectives.

On a separate note, it seems Reconstruction Beam does not repair the Assimilators once they are depleted AND you move the platform away.
On one of my attempts; I depleted a geyser, attacked the Assimilator with a Carrier, when shields ran out, the repair beam kicked in, but as soon as I moved the platform; it no longer got repair.

I just completed the Templar’s Charge a few times and didn’t get the Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar achievement. After reading some of the posts in this thread I tried the exact same strategy without using any Spear of Adun powers and got it just fine. Seems to me like it’s related to using the Spear of Adun as some people suggested.

When you move the platform and left depleted assimilators behind, it seems they turn to neutral building instead of your buildings (they highlight yellow instead of green when you click them).

Did the same as here but:

  • Moved the paltform
  • Used automated assimilators
  • Used Solar Lance ability

and got the achievement.

The changes I made after failed attempts and before success are (as I remember):

  • switch from emergency shield to restoration beam
  • switch shield overcharge to mass recall
  • abandon bonus

Solution to Big Spear diplomacy is:

  • remove all solarite allocated to SoA abilities (so you have 300 unused solarite and only free abilities selected)
  • not use active abilities during the mission

Not sure if all of it is nessesary, but worked for me.
This clearly needs to be specified in achievement’s description if its intended.

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I was able to get the Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar achievement by not using some Spear of Adun calldowns. I’ll list the difference between my attempts in order to try to narrow the cause down.
My previous failed attempts:

  • Mass Carriers
  • Mass Void Rays
  • Not collecting resource pickups
  • Not killing Hybrids
  • Not doing the bonuses

The Spear of Adun abilities I used during failed attempts were:

  • Solar Lance
  • Orbital Assimilator (Auto)
  • Shield Overcharge
  • Guardian Shell
  • Time Stop

On my successful attempt, I:

  • Stopped using Solar Lance
  • Stopped using Shield Overcharge
  • Went Mass Void Rays
  • Did not do bonuses
  • Picked up resources and killed hybrids
  • Only used Time Stop once, at the last objective

Just nailed Disintegration Doctrine (be sure to have a little extra time left before you sap those HP out of Narud).

I focus fired him, so doubting that “you have to kill someone between his life drops and the cutscene starts” theory here.

Buuuut, perhaps raven’s turrets are a problem (since they’re structures and maybe somewhere your allies attack a raven and he spouts one in fear and it stands there when you wreck Narud).

For the achievement “Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar”, I did a lot of research in editor. I added an output when the achievement condition is not satisfied. Thus, I’m sure that when you use Solar Lance, Purifier Beam and Deploy Fenix, the achievement is failed. Another important thing is not to cancel construction of structure. You can complete the bonus objectives, move the platform, lose interceptors, use Orbital Strike, Shield Overcharge, Solar Bombardment, Guardian Shell, Reconstruction Beam and Time Stop.


Update: I just got Expert Templar whatever.
It appears that expiration of geysers or the fact that you move a platform and your assimilators become neutral blok the achievement

Concerning Spear of Adun, I can 100% confirm only Nexus Overcharge and Reconstruction beam are harmless, because I did not use any active abilities, BUT I replaced solar lance, time sot and shield overchage before starting the mission.

Did not do bonuses.
Finished in 13:50.
Used 6 VRs.
Did not lose a single building or unit (including interceptors, so not really a good example).

Also, I have a wild speculation that you can’t kill enemies with Carriers.

It can’t be that. I got it yesterday having moved the platform several times and leaving at least 6 tapped out Assimilators behind.

I did that as well when I was testing it out. But I don’t know how to unlock all the SOA ability slots and change them around. How did you do that?

If not the tapped out gas then maybe my crazy can’t kill with carriers theory is correct then.

Or it really is just SoA abilities being chosen correctly (not even used or not used in the actual mission).

pchappy is talking about altering the triggers in the editor, which can’t be done when playing from inside the game client.

Add an action “Enable/Disable Spear of Adun Ability” in “Init 01 Technology”.


I noticed there’s set SoA energy regen rate, and a set energy to a percent. Those don’t seem to do anything when running the map. Do you know what could be causing that?

I’d like to just set the energy to 100 right off the bat without having to wait for it charge up.

I don’t know why it’s not worked in “Init 01 Technology”. I put it in “Start Game Q” and it worked.

I’ll try that. Thanks again!