Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

The bonus doesn’t effect it. That was a hypothesis near the beginning, but with the research and playing that people have done, it’s confirmed not.

I made a test map that reveals both when the achievement fails, and what caused it. If you want to give it a try, it may help you figure out what’s causing the fail so that you can avoid it in the real mission.

Templar’s Charge achievement:

Use void rays only.
Don use cariers because you will lose interceptors witch are units.

Just got it after day of trying all kind off things

Thanks for the link. I still can’t identify the issue. I did confirm that corsair D Web, arbiter stasis, and arbiter recall did not cause a trigger.

The test map tells you what the issue is. The only event that can fail the achievement is if something of yours dies. (With the exception of the three SoA abilities bug.)

So if you didn’t get any popup messages during the mission (and you did get the conformation message after the end-mission cinematic), nothing of yours died and you met the achievement criteria.

Came back and realised there are still issues haha.

Is there a quick summary for me to update the first post?

Hey Kyrie!

Bliz did fix 5 of the bugged ones. A 6th fix was attempted, but there turned out to be a secondary bug that was hiding:

FIXED - Contract Saviors
FIXED - Band of Brothers
FIXED - Thanks for the Advice

FIXED - Annihilation Now
FIXED - Warp Incomplete
ATTEMPTED FIX - Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar - Interceptor deaths has been fixed. However, there is a secondary issue with three of the SoA abilities. (Explained in my Bug Report thread below.)

A New Bug List:

After the first patch, I made an new bug list for anything that was still an issue/a new issue. These are only those that have bugs or clarity issues, not so much those that are just trickier to do: Consolidated 10th Anniversary Achievement issues

A Video:

For Disintegration Doctrine, I made a video for both Bliz and the players. It breaks down at a technical level why it’s so inconsistent. However, players who are only interested in the demonstration can jump right to 6:50.

A Test Map:

I made a test map for Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar. With so many people having trouble with it, I inserted real time alerts that pop up on the screen for when and why the player fails the achievement. That way, if they were missing something, they could correct it when playing the real mission. Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar Troubles? - Test Map


C’mon blizzard please, fix these achievements.

How hard can it be to QA such basic things and fix them in under a month…

Yeah, meant to quote Gradius, my bad.

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I have updated the first post to cover all the new “bugs” with instructions on how to overcome them.

For anyone else, please let me know (and tag me) if the first post needs editing.

For Big Spear Diplomacy, of the six SoA passives, the culprit is confirmed to be Reconstruction Beam. The other five passives are safe to use.

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Is it possible that some of the regular achievements are bugged now because of the 10th anniversary release? I’m unable to get the “Crash the Party” achievement for the heart of the swarm campaign, is it possible that neutral buildings now count towards that achievement? How do you use the level editor to verify/confirm that theory?

Is it possible that its bugged so that cheats permanently disable achievments for the campaign? I used tooktheredpill to reveal the map, and then loaded the save, which is the same thing that has prevented me from earning any WoL 10th anniversary achivements - I was able to earn them fine until I used the cheat (and yes, I did load a save that had never had cheats used before completing the mission)

What usually makes Crash the Party tricky are a couple out of the way Missile Turrets.

In the lower right of the map is a small base that has two turrets, one of which is on high ground so ground forces can’t see it. Also, near the east-most entrenchment/gate, there is a single turret that is also on high ground.

As for cheats, it’s hard to say. There’s a couple theories out there about how to undo them, but I’ve never experimented with them enough to find out exactly what happens after using them. If you confirmed that all structures, including those out of the way turrets, were destroyed with a cheat, it’s possible that it is interfering with the achievement.

In this case you can open the mission in the editor, then open the Trigger Module. From there you need to find the triggers, variables, etc that govern the achievement. Looking at the Crash the Party achievement trigger, it’s only counting enemy structures. But, the way the trigger is coded it’s a bit interesting. I’ll have to do some test runs to see what the code is actually trying to do.

EDIT: All good. Everything seems to work as it should.

That certainly helps. I was FAR too frustrated with the “Disintegration Doctrine” achievement. I can’t stand the “speed run” style achieves as it is, but this buggy achieve had me steaming because I knew that I had satisfied all of the requirements with time to spare. Utilizing the information from the video, I was able to “earn” this one by leaving a structure until after Narud’s defeat. Thank you (because this bug sucks)!

“Disintegration Doctrine” unlocked after I killed the Raven at the 11 o’clock AND 1 o’clock corners of the map.

I had to retry the mission a few times because of the very structures that you highlighted, the cheats helped me find them.
The score screen shows how many structures you killed, so I know I got them all.

it won’t let me post images, but I uploaded a screenshot with proof to / Pvwx9ynq

Really not sure why I did not get the achievement.

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Just to be sure, you are playing it on Hard difficulty, correct?

Yes, I was playing it on hard.

To the German and Polish speakers out there, are either of these fixed?

From understanding, there is a minor bug (we haven’t tested extensively yet) when you use cheats. It is possible that loading a previous game will still allow the cheat to remain enabled (thereby disabling achievements).

PS: A side note which is the link you posted does not lead to an image site, but rather a scam / trojan website. :frowning:

[UPDATE 24 AUG 20] A new patch has been released addressing all the rest of the bugged achievements.

I have updated the first post to attempt to cover most of the concerns, etc so that it is easier for anyone to just look through it rather than scroll through comments. Please tag me if there is anything else I need to amend.