[UPDATED 10/12] Improved Profanity Filter and Updated Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure Overwatch provides the most welcoming environment possible for players, we’re making some changes to our penalties against players reported for inappropriate language—as well as making a few changes to our profanity filter to give players better tools to manage what kind of language they see in their games.

Improved Profanity Filter

The profanity filter in Overwatch currently provides players with two basic settings: on or off. However, this doesn’t account for players who might be OK with seeing more mature language in party chat with their friends, but would rather filter such language out when chatting with players they don’t know. In order to give players more control over the types of the language they see and the situations in which they appear, we’re making some updates to the profanity filter, which are now available for testing on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

Instead of a simple “on/off” profanity filter, there are now three settings available:

  • Friendly – We’ll do our best to filter all words currently identified by our constantly updated list as obscene, vulgar, or offensive. This is the most family-friendly setting.

  • Mature – You may see some obscene or vulgar words with this setting, but we will filter language identified as extremely offensive.

  • Unfiltered – Nothing will be filtered. Please be aware that you may see extremely offensive language, so this setting is generally not recommended.

Along with these new filtering options, players will now be able to apply different profanity filter settings for each communication channel. These channels include:

  • General Chat

  • Match Chat

  • Team Chat

  • Party Chat

  • Whisper

As an example, you could use the stronger Friendly option for more public channels such as General Chat or Match Chat, but use the Mature setting for the more private Party Chat.

Remember that the existence of profanity filters does not make it acceptable for players to use offensive, hateful, or language that violates our In-Game Code of Conduct—and as always, we encourage you to report instances of such behavior if you encounter them. Using language report by the community and deemed offensive by Blizzard will result in severe account restrictions.

Updated Penalties for Inappropriate Language in Overwatch

While using a profanity filter can help you control when you see offensive language, we’re also committed to constantly improving our methods of combatting this issue at its source. In the short term, we will be imposing harsher penalties against players found to be using offensive, hateful, or other similar language that violates our Code of Conduct, including longer periods of silence, longer suspensions, and permanently banning players after fewer repeat offenses.

In the near term, we’re also considering some changes to our internal processes that we hope will result in meaningful improvements to the effectiveness of our preliminary detection methods and the speed at which players found to be violating the Code of Conduct are investigated and actioned. As always, we appreciate your support and vigilance as we continue to work toward addressing these challenging and important issues—the best tool we have is your reports and feedback, and we look forward to sharing more in the future.

UPDATE (Oct 12):

In addition to the improved profanity filter and updated penalties for inappropriate language, we’ve also performed a manual action wave against some of the worst offenders of toxic language in Overwatch. This action will take effect with updates to profanity filter and penalties in the next live game patch.


How about actual leaver penalties for non ranked modes?


Thank you! :+1: :blush:

Unfortunately I’m sure people will still find a way to complain how this “still isn’t good enough”.


About time people stopped getting out for free when they say hateful stuff.


Nice! Thanks for sharing this update, I think profanity filters and harsher penalties for super offensive language was a big request for a lot of people. I’m sure doing so wasn’t easy to implement, so thank you for sharing this with us!


Why do you actually have this if you dont recommend it?


So people can still see what other people say. It’s just here so everyone has the option to choose something.


So people that want to use it can. They don’t recommend it since there’s 0 control over it but that’s no reason to not allow an “unfiltered” option for people who want it.


Probably to get toxicity bans lmao, kinda smart if you think about it

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Suppose so, I’ve just never understood why they have it considering blizzard seems quite sensitive over inappropriate words.

Thanks for separating mature and unfiltered. There is a very large group of people that are just fine with all the swearing but don’t want to be inundated with say, racial slurs.


How about having it prompt you to remove your 1st avoided player, and replace with your 4th avoided player.


If someone uses a slur they should automatically get a strike :woman_shrugging:


This is amazing news. Thank you so much.

That would also be very nice. But I would like backfilling to be less common and have people quit less, causing the backfill issue.

Most games with at least a partial -18 audience have chat filters. Compared to some other games I have played where you can’t even abbreviate words, Overwatch’s is far more reasonable.

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Would love to get an exact number that meets the threshold. Last time we got a number we were told someone had to be reported over 1000 times before they were action-ed.

It’s probably less. I know some people that gets muted pretty fast after a few days.

999 is technically less, that’s why I ask.

Well yeah but it’s way lower than 1k. Like he could get banned after 1 day of being toxic.