Toxicity, Racism and why I'm leaving the game

Both sides - offenders and offended - believe to have high moral ground to attack each other. Even while it’s not staying morally neutral, but about exacting revenge.

Pretty much, it’s a cycle.

Anger incites anger, hatred incites hatred, the two sides will forever argue and a consensus wont be reached due to how differing each side is.

By trying to force one’s opinion to incite change about a subject, it spawns more hatred than what was already there instead of their intended result, to which the other side pushes even harder to where it’s forever a stalemate.

The two sides will never agree, and eradication of ideology is impossible, because despite trying to eliminate all of one side, you can’t change the minds of some people.


Nice to know you love taking things out of context.

The OP is at fault because they let themselves get antagonized instead of taking the precautions necessary to prevent the encounter from devolving further in square one.

If you get bitten by a snake, and let it continue to bite you, that’s your fault, not anybody elses.

If you want to censor it go ahead, we have chat filters, a mute button, and a block button for that.

You don’t like it or want to see it, you don’t have to, but your opinion and viewpoint doesn’t reflect everybody. Regardless of if the topic is of a horrible subject and is blatantly wrong, you shouldn’t be forcing an opinion down someone’s throat unless they’re actively hurting somebody physically.

Hitting a ban button isn’t gonna magically turn someone un-racist.

They wanna be racist? You can’t change their minds, if they go and actively harass somebody based off of the color of their skin in real life and injure someone physically off of it, they’ll be put in prison.

They wanna do it in a video game? 2 magic buttons to block all of that sh*t, nobody has to listen to it if they don’t want to because they have the power to nullify it for themselves.


Time to split hairs

They can be asked to leave, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING can happen to them for what they say in the vein you mentioned.

Oh no… I can’t eat at CrapDonald’s… like that is a punishment.

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Even then they don’t care if they can’t go to a resturant, they’ll just order McDonalds off of UberEats

Trying to punish someone with “oh you cant come here anymore” won’t suddenly poof their ideology away, if anything it’ll anger them at most.


First off it is important to remember that Abusive Chat of that nature is unacceptable and Blizzard does not tolerate it. It should be noted that voice chat is not immediately actioned upon the offense, and often through consistent disruptive behavior will they be actioned. If the people are willing to dive down to such behavior instantly, that is a very likely sign they will get trouble soon enough. So you may receive notifications in time, but waiting only a day is often unrealistic due to the numerous reports Blizzard’s receives.

Blizzard is taking significant increases to stop abusive chat. Community Manager Molly Fender, recently made a post about this:

I understand if you don’t want to play the game right now, but hopefully this shows what is being done to make all of Blizzard’s games a welcoming community for all honest players.


Oh, he’s one of THOSE people.


you know every game has toxic people and all other stuff (especially in PvP) but if you wanna avoid that you got no other way than to play with friends or mute everyone and don’t take a chance that they will be good or bad.

Yeah, I’m here? You expect to make an impact with that statement? Well ya didn’t.

You’re just gonna be proving my point if you start insulting me like that, that in the era of 2020 a good portion of humans insult an opposing side in order to form a uniform opinion by force, silencing opposing opinions because they aren’t interested in hearing opposing sides.

If I say an opposing opinion to a group of people, no matter how factually correct it may be, because it opposes them, I will be insulted and they will attempt to silence me even if my statement proves correct. This doesn’t pertain to the topic at hand in particular, it’s a general statement.


Hmmmm. I agree with you in spirit, but I find good guys with some down and dirty attitudes can fix things real quick. When I hear this kind of behavior being directed towards a teammate by some toxic dude, I destroy them verbally. Usually its enough to get them to leave chat.

Anecdotally, I was the kind of large dude in highschool that would beat up the real bullies. That got them to quit real quick. I agree it shouldn’t be a problem, and that one loses the moral high-ground by stopping to their level. But it does have results when done right.

Not an argument against you at all, I’m just as sad about this stuff.

You aren’t very subtle there, bud. You are a whiny snowflake conservative that feels victimized at the first sign of confrontation, intellectual, physical, or otherwise. You are ranting about free speech and cancelling, but are ignoring the free market nature of speech. You can spout your garbage. We can berate you for it.

Its the market of words, and buddy, you are losing.

Darn right we are forceful, and you are scared. Good.

Soon, your ilk will not be tolerated in polite society.

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I haven’t been whining about jack crap for your information, but when someone mentions a side that opposes mine, I’m going to present my rebuttle.

I don’t care if you berate me for it, because as you don’t have to listen to me, I don’t have to listen to you either.

Never was a fight between who wins and loses, you don’t get to dictate someone’s opinion as incorrect unless there is scientific proof from right and wrong such as me saying the sky tastes like apples.


Keep on thinking like this, man. Demographics are shifting. And they are not shifting in your favor. Time is not on your side.

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I’m not going to side with whos in favor just because they prove to have slightly more power at any given moment, I side with beliefs that align with mine, not with numbers like a bandwagon.

I intend to, the second we start overstepping censorship and blatantly silencing opposing opinions is the second we start devolving from true freedom.

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Market of words, my dude. Anti-gay slurs, homophobia, prejudice of many sorts; Those will soon be as reviled as slavery from yesteryear.

You can wish all you want. you can cry all you want, but your establishment lost, your figurehead lost, your messages are in shambles.

A dying breath of a bygone era of hate. Nothing you can do to change it.

So keep crying. Like it effects me any.

Like, you think you going on a tangent numbering dozens and dozens of posts on a video game forum is going to change the tides of history?

And spoiler, you won’t be on the right side. The problem I have with you being “anti-censorship”, is that (as referenced by “cancel culture”), you believe and engage in this crap. It’s a reflexive personal defense you are putting up, not an intellectual one.

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People keep bringing up racism, misogyny, etc., etc. that’s apparently rampant in Overwatch yet for some reason, I have yet to experience an amount of any of these things that would make them particularly noteworthy, especially when compared to other popular online multiplayer games that do have these problems to a far worse degree. Frankly, based on what I have seen and experience, I’m far more inclined to believe the people in this community are too thin-skinned and whiney.

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Well, they are children. In many cases parents never bother to teach their children, that world isn’t nice and safe place - it has dangerous parts too.

And people do not need others to have an opinion on something - they are capable of forming it themselves.

I’m not assuming anything, so this is a genuine question. Are you a minority or a woman? Legit question.

Yes, I am a minority living in the US.

Your fantasies are not reality, and they will never have fully come to fruition due to the very nature of the human mind.

Figurehead? Who the hell are we even speaking of.

I am not wishing nor crying, if anything it’s the other way around because theyre the ones pushing for change from square one.

Oh we can do plenty to change it, trying to make the opposing side feel powerless only makes them want to fight more my friend.

Seems to clearly effect you based off your reactions.

You don’t get to determine who’s right and who’s wrong.

You aren’t the one controlling what I speak and think, so therefore you can’t determine my true intent no matter how far you want to go to think you do.

Never said I was.

You love assuming this and that and what’s right, wrong, orange, purple, red, etc. about me, but you don’t know anything and like to think you do.

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