[UPDATED 10/12] Improved Profanity Filter and Updated Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations

True, I was want a clear statement from them that no one is going to far exceed over 100 reports before being punished.

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That’s cool. Good to have options like this.

I guess they don’t want people to fall foul of an auto-ban system if they make an unfortunate typo or something? That’s the only reason I can think of to not immediately smack people who use slurs.

" I want to stick my long-necked Giraffe up your fluffy white bunny."


Too late I’m always playing with hide chat .


Good thing most slurs don’t sound like other words or are able to be typed accidentally.

Can you think of any other reason why they don’t immediately slam people who use slurs?

Look at your keyboard right now and tell me which slur can be accidentally typed out.


If they typo into a word like that, they probably deserve it for horrible typing skills.

The only one I could think of is if someone wanted to talk about Spock, on Overwatch. I guess.

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If you miss the ‘r’ in “frag”, I guess. But you’re not answering my question. You’re not only here to pick a fight, are you?

Did you even read it?

if someone is toxic, you can easily tell - filter or not.

TOO advanced even with current neural networks

No one is being automatically hit with a ban for an accidental use of a slur. If you typed it you intended to type it. Letter arrangement on the keyboards makes sure of that.

I never said they were.

I do not think it is a good idea to work on such filters in general. This may give some parents the idea that they can let their children play unsupervised.

I think that’s more on the parents than the system. Not the game’s fault if the kid has a mouth like a sailor. With this system blizz has washed their hands of all responsibility, rightfully so.

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Yes. I read all about profanity filters, and then asked a question. If they are adding more punishments for this, how about punishments for quitters.

profanity filter nice.

i guess that will help some peeps

Yes of course this is up to the parents, but it should be pointed out that even with a profanity filter the environment in Overwatch is not necessarily family-friendly.
The filter does not really change that fact.

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