When did blizzard stop extending mutes for abusive chat and start giving perma bans?

The average person doesn’t understand this, nor does it stand up in the face of all other human transaction.

Blizzard gets away with it because people are ignorant.

or they dont want to get yelled at for other people’s stupidity


It’s nothing more than someone wanting others to be subjected to their toxic existence, but Blizzard isn’t letting them.


You don’t understand in the slightest.

Yelled at by whom?

You think Blizzard gives a damn about you or I?

You think that an angry miniscule group of people will sway Blizzard from making money?

Let me repeat this again.

Blizzard likes money. Silencing and banning accounts makes them money. As a side effect, it makes the dredges of society feel good that they are tackling “abusive” chat. The abusive chat part is a side effect, meaning a secondary thought, of making that money.

Keep putting Blizzard on that pedistal, it is why they want you to be the spokesperson in the first place. If they sided with the intelligent, they would no longer make all that sweet sweet money, because they would have to actually provide a product and not access to a service.


Perma bans already cause a communication problem i don’t talk in chat or voice for fear of saying something someone doesn’t like with a very weak subjective CoC i rather of 0 communication then risk a ban.

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Blizzard has always started issuing suspensions and bans if players continue to be disruptive in their games. However, I will quote this message from former Community Manager Molly Fender when they released the enhanced profanity filter features for Overwatch.


How much of that extra “other account” money do you think Blizzard uses to rehabilitate people who cannot control themselves?

That’s what I thought.

Just another company creating wealth, with absolutely no contribution to helping people, with all the accolades of making a differance.

Looks to me like a win win for “the little guy” (Blizzard).


Seems like you have an issue with Blizzard (Activision) as a company… then why use their products? Companies are made, to make money, plain and simple.


I don’t feel like they do ban for abusive chat. If you actually managed to get caught, the issue is that you are freaking goofcon 1. And I guess that is why they feel comfortable with a permaban.

They totally do ban for abusive chat, I had a friend who burned two accounts just trying to see what he could get away with. I told him, he’d not like what will happen, when he did it on the first, but… his account.

No where did I say Blizzard couldn’t profit off of stupidity. In fact, I said they would profit less, if more people knew the why and how.

I have an problem with people thinking, incorrectly, that Blizzard is tackling any social issue because they want to, and it’s for the betterment of all. Full stop, it’s only for the betterment of Blizzard. If you think otherwise then you know what flavor the kool aid is.


I’m not going to be overly sad about someone being verbally abusive getting ban smack.


Who said it’s their job to tackle social issues. They give the “tools” necessary for these people to do the right thing, Warnings, and Bannings, if they continue to drop the $40 to get new accounts, and then continue to get them banned through Abusive Chat, that’s on the Player’s head… not Blizzard.


So we have the forum MVP saying that not joining voicechat in months has made their SR go up, and now it’s suddenly important?

PS: I consider not joining vc detrimental BUT the community in general doesn’t see it that way.

So someone being muted has no effect on the game according to the official stance on communications.

I didn’t say it was.

Let me show you the simple math.

Blizzard makes a statement:
“Grow thicker skin”

Net profit = $0.00

Blizzard makes a statement:
“we will ban people for speech of any kind”

Net profit = money for new accounts to replace banned ones.
Added profit = gain followers of wokeness to hype up how Blizzard is so kind. Without actually doing anything.

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For like 80% of the playerbase outside of the upper tiers, voice comm doesnt really make much of a difference in the long run.

It’s this. Kicking someone off permanently for banter words makes no sense. It doesn’t solve the issue any more than a mute does. In fact, it encourages players to circumvent rather than reflect and deal. And it makes them cash. It’s not social justice, it’s business.

The easiest fix is to add banter words into the filter levels. So t.t. like “diff” or “trash” get aliased to “Huzzah, best game, great developers!” similar to how ez works. In fact, ez is now a shortcut to positivity - but using that side-effect still gets you perma’d.

Except is not “Speech of any kind”, it’s abusive Chat, there is a difference. Their stance has always been “play nice, play fair.” since 1991. For example, where in “GG EZ” do you see that at all?

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Except “abusive” is entirely subjective. “GG” is abusive to some people, and can get you perma’d. What kind of play nice play fair is that?

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And so is “Banter”, where you might see “playful fun” someone else sees an insult, or toxicity. There is Context in all things, if you Steamroll your opponent team in under 2 min on say Volskya, there was no Good game there, maybe for you, but not your opponent.

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