Sym TP Buff idea

What If her TP worked like sombra translocator did. So the cooldown is still 12 seconds, maybe It can even go up to like 15 seconds. But the cooldown will begin when the TP is deployed rather than when it is destroyed. Maybe the 12 second cooldown can be when Sym destroys it and the 15 second one is when the enemy destroys it. I think this will increase the tp uptime and make the character feel more dynamic.


12 seconds is long for a manual destroyed TP.
Should be more of:
14 upon enemy
Halved (7) when manually destroyed

This infinite TP as what led to a lot of destroyed playstyles with Symmetra


Sounds like you aren’t asking for a buff but a revert :slight_smile:

True Sym 3.0’s teleporter only had a 2 second downtime, as long as no one destroyed it immediately. Her mobility felt great with it! But yeah, the cooldown basically began when it was placed.

This change has been a net nerf. If they want to keep infinite teleporter and count the cooldown from when it is deployed (or reducing it when you self destruct), then that would be fine too since it would be an overall buff.

The cooldown they tacked on though felt bad because the devs never really expressed disliking her fast teleporter.


I wish they had gone for a halfway point with the TP cooldown. Cooldown for 12 seconds starting on deployment but stopping at 6 seconds until destroyed.


Useful calcs/equations:

Old 3.0 tp:

  • time to next cast = 12s from placement, fixed
  • experienced down time = (10s - usage time) + 2s
    • where usage time is in [0s,10s] which represents time spent actually using it and the last 2s is the remaining cd when tp duration is spent.
    • 0 <= experienced down time <= 12s

infinite tp :face_vomiting: :

  • time to next cast = uptime + 12s
  • experienced down time = 12s + (uptime - usage time)
    • which is unbounded above
    • but already the MINIMUM experienced down time here is greater than or equal to the MAXIMUM down time of old 3.0 tp

what changes we want should try to use the above to compare the standards of cast frequency and experienced down time.


I had a feeling it was something like this but I couldn’t really remember :rofl: . Feels like so long ago it was changed.

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That’s exactly the reason why infinite tp feels so bad. It’s actually quite usefull but the cooldown makes it so bad.
Just let the cooldown start after deployed and the tp feels as good as before.

Just put a flat reduction on infinite tps cooldown down to 8 seconds and see what happens …it doesn’t need to have even more complex mechanics than it already does

Or just revert but speed up the deployment time that’s all she ever needed

As much as I like Symmetra (she’s still my main - barely), by now I feel the TP is holding her back.

It needs to be balanced vs. the potential team strategies it provides, so the rest of her kit has to be scaled down accordingly. With the permanent TP that potential has theoretically gone up, while in practice it has gone down due to the larger down-time.

I’d rather have a Symmetra that can do damage and support her team, without having to rely on everyone be on board flawlessly, and if that doesn’t happen be hamstrung.

I mean the thing is, we objectively had a better tp for both individual and team play for years across various metas and it was simply, objectively and empirically fine despite its much higher cast frequency and much lower down time. that tp was old 3.0 tp. the fear for “team strats” with tp is legit kinda excessive if we’re concerned when we had a really decent balance reference point.

this is esp so when the acclaimed “team strats” are just highly situational and to “spam team tps” means teams huddling close together for long periods of time which, ashe dynamite, ball, junkrat, pharah, etc. (any meaningful splash) just get free value.

And more of a :salt: annoyance point for me, but I wouldn’t really call the infinite duration to be really “helping team play”. it simply made it so people didn’t have to bother tracking tp with all the notification text and chevrons it has since its release because it’d be stuck in 1 spot.

It’d be like saying a change like making tanks’ shields unable to be deactivated manually and only through its destruction being a change that helps team play (because no more issue of not knowing when the tank will put down shield if they can’t :upside_down_face:) .

Why not remove the tp, put her photon barrier back on E, and actually give her a new ultimate that is better than Trump’s Wet Dream?

Don’t get me wrong, the wall has its uses. But having a pocket Reinhardt every 10 seconds trumps having a wall every fight and a bit.

As for a new ultimate?

Just let her dual wield cannons :joy:

Seriously though, I’m not quite sure what you could give her. Being able to create anything from light, her ultimate could literally be anything the devs wanted it to be. A robo kitten with a bomb strapped to its back? Weird, but plausible. Creating a device that generates a constant electrical field, damaging and slowing enemies within it? More likely, but kinda generic. A giant turret that shoots a massive lazer beam? Gimme gimme lmao :joy:

As the enemy Symmetra casts her ultimate, suddenly the shadows start to shift. Your gaze wanders up in rising terror as you realize that the very sun itself is nothing but a giant hard light turret! Ever so slowly it rotates, focusing its inescapable gaze upon you…

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