👺 Revert Sym's Primary (A lot of Links)

That’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

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You missed my return post. Sorry, idk if you’re for or against me, sorry.

What? Anyway. Nobody who knew me knows I’m here and in a way, I’m not so keep my return between me and you cuz I haven’t officially returned.

To be honest, having her old primary fire with a few tweaks would be absolutely excellent with her current kit, giving her a more powerful way to get guaranteed close-range damage instead of just spamming balls.

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K, tired of making links…

I’m not sure why you linked my thread, I don’t think Sym should be reverted. I was just commenting on the number of revert threads.

I was just pointing out how many revert threads there are… yours is a shortcut basically. (Also was kinda a theme of the thread… but then got too bored.)

ohhhh noo you cant aim so you need back auto aim :((( lets cry :’(

…this comes from a Tracer main…

of course only tracer !!

Cause if reverted, you would have to deal with this again… right? (Seen tracer mains complain about it.)

yeah… i love fair battle i dont like auto aim. i think moira is enough and… brigitte…

i hope her primary is never reverted

they have a much better, more interesting, and easier to balance kit now than before

You do realize if Sym is auto aiming you, you were too close to begin with.

Blah blah blah we need a revert because I don’t like it.
No we don’t.

I realize nothing. I just know that auto aim is not a place in the games !!! its like cheating…

You guys don’t play Sym and currently doing well while she is not… I don’t think you opinions should matter.