👺 Revert Sym's Primary (A lot of Links)

good luck with revert :joy: :joy:

I miss the no aim sym cuz thats what made her her for me at least. Changing that part is like taking mercys beam away and making it shoot something so u heal or taking away bastions turret form.

Symm no-aim primary was balanced.

A ramp up damage over time melee attack that tickled you for 2 seconds to let you know that you were gona die soon.

Powerful 120 dps and yet balanced due to melee range and slow ramp up.

So it’s not about balancing around people who can’t aim. It’s about not changing heroes design 2 years in to the game where people (who can’t aim due to disability or age or skill) have gotten good with that hero, now find that they cannot play that hero.

That is BAD practice for a company like Blizzard.

lol no it wasnt, she was a troll pick!

It was actually the most balanced aspect of her old kit and wasn’t what affected her viability. The rest of her kit was bad. Her ults were extremely powerful, but limited in placement due to the fact that everyone knew where they’d be, so any flanker (or any hero flanking, like Valk Mercy) could quickly dispatch them. Her turrets were easily mitigated as well (still are).

Then you have her gun. The autolock was extremely short range and has the ramp up, justifying its auto lock nature entirely because of the 30 dps it started with. Her orbs, while inconsistent, were an extremely strong tool not only for how much potential damage they could do, but because of how strong they were in creating space. Her damage was fine, just inconsistent. The new Sym is the same, as all iterations rely on her turrets to make up for the inconsistency within her gun.

Her reliance on her turrets and how easily nullified her kits are is what has always held her back from being genuinely viable. Her gun did not.

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Tracermain reply’s on Symm forum while never playing Symm… Makes sense…

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Feel like that’s most of them

Eh idk. I think that all the primary fire needs is a thicker beam and less time to ramp up (1.5 or 1.3s maybe)

And also if they could fix that glitch where shes standing near a wall but clearly pointing the gun at the enemy and still it doesn’t hit, it’ll be much better

Playing against Symm could be another way to express one’s opinion but you dismiss that.

What would you say to people playing against her who say that the autolock feels unfair, unclear, and unfun, a complaint which seemed pretty specific to old Sym?

Hey buddy, I appreciate you linking my post. I’ve been meaning to update since my opinion on a few things have changed since we hit comp. The core theme of the post is mostly the same mind you. Note, despite being linked here I’m not asking for a full revert at all, just simple aesthetic changes as far as the primary is concerned. Better hit registration and visual feedback with a beam closer to moira’s is the direction I took it. Despite how people may feel about the new noodle, its still entirely possible to be effective with it, just not as effective as before. if we’re talking strictly primary fire as the only means of real impact then yes the new one takes getting used to as has become the last resort unfortunately. Despite that, there are plenty of other ways symmetra can affect the map that previously no one could. Not just symmetra.

Edit: I forgot to mention that in my post I did also ask for one other beam change. The change was to revert level 1 to level 2 charge (both ways) back to 1 second whilst keeping the current (live) 2 second charge for level’s 2 and 3. The reasoning for this was because of the addition of the TP. Before the one second CD hurt us because we lacked a gap closer. We now have a gap closer. This change along with the aforementioned should appease most players and even the aim purists who think mechanical is the only in game skill we need.

I really don’t see why not. It’s not like her primary was that strong, and if it was just tone down the damage a bit. I don’t really get the argument that it’s unfair, you know the range so just don’t go into her range? Should we be angry when we die to a Rein swinging his hammer too?

And since Sym isn’t allowed to damage behind shields anymore, I really hope the next character will have that at least.

Pretty sure this was two days ago…

Anyway just waiting for Gamescon now… don’t think we will anything ptr related till two to three weeks after.

Looks like they have this scheduled

Despite initially wanting it back myself, I’ve learned to play without it. With the current kit the lock on could easily be overloaded if not properly balanced. If it returned I’d be stoked, but will be happy either way. If we stay the course with current beam and introduce QoL changes that at least give the feel of 2.0 beam (even if its not lock-on) then its a win win. Of course we can’t please everyone despite our best efforts. Honestly though, with everyone getting so hepped up on the lock-on portion of the beam, Symmetra’s other issues aren’t getting the attention they need. We have;

  • Teleporter’s suiciding on uneven ground and random flat locations because of the invisible wall fix to old SG

  • Sentries falling through walls and even the whole map in some cases (there are holes on every map)

  • After firing max orbs for awhile, when attempting to primary, the beam isn’t being produced. Even though we’re holding down the key. letting go and re-selecting fixes it.

  • Sentries clipping on to walls when the cross-hair is aiming away and beyond it.

  • Portions of the map (every location) that we could previously place sentries on are now no longer possible or more difficult to pull off at close range since the update.

  • railings. -3- orbs and primary should be able to destroy them as easily as the melee can. 30 dmg (melee) vs 60+ from her gun? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Teleport deployment. Ties into the last point. we shouldn’t have to fight railings to deploy where they reside. Additionally, if we deploy whilst standing on uneven ground the second tp won’t always deploy where we aim. Instead it’s a few steps in front.

I may have missed a few but the point is, there’s more to symmetra than just the lock on, and more pressing issues that need addressing.

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We will see I guess.