Goodbye, Guys. This is My Final Post. (Ily)

I’ve made lots of friends on here and had some good discussions. I’ve always loved being in a debate against someone who was passionate and having us bounce our perspective and reasoning off each other.

I haven’t been the most likeable person on here and I apologize to anyone who I’ve been ride to. The worst part is that I have to leave my friends on here, especially so soon after I found out I was a “Forum God”.

However, I don’t feel like I can be me on here, not the full me. I’m fine when I’m serious but whenever I joke around, even when it’s obvious and fun, I get suspended. Let me tell you a scenerio that may or may not be about my last experience.

I make a post with the term save file in regards to this game. To anyone with common sense, that’s the dead ringer for a joke already. Not calling anyone out, not being nasty, not referring to anyone or group at all. Within the thread the replies are all joking as well, with some people somehow not getting the joke and either giving me honest advice ( :joy: ), feeling sorry for me ( :joy: ), and that one guy who warns me for trolling.

This is my issue, the wasn’t blatantly joking and not trolling at all. Trolling is when you purposely say something to upset someone yet everything in the post, including the title is clearly a joke. The way the world is today, it doesn’t matter if it was a clear joke because someone got triggered by it or I’m pretty sure a mod doesn’t like me and decides that every time I joke around, I get suspended. I’ve had this problem happen multiple times and multiple times I’ve had my punishment reversed due to someone else noticing that I didn’t deserve it. I think that because this has happened multiple times, I am now on a blacklist so that no matter what, nobody will even consider my tickets if I deserve the punishment or not which was made clear by my last one being upheld.

So, It was fun, I can’t even name all my friends on here, I’ll drop by the discord now and then but I’m done on here. This is probably gonna get taken down and I’m most likely going to get suspended again but I don’t care at this point. I can’t be myself or joke around because the line between joking and trolling on here is so blurry. Thank you guys for giving me laughs (and likes) and thanks for letting me make you laugh.

Goodbye, guys.



ok i dont know you



Nooooooo dont gooooo

See ya mate.
Honestly, I hope I run into you while playing OW. You’re a fun dude all’round. :smiley: