👺 Revert Sym's Primary (A lot of Links)

Actually as i said in my post,

She actually dealt more damage and more often!

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This is a sensible proposition, one I agree with. That or alternatively raise her survibability somehow because currently she is a 200hp hero with no sustain, no mobility and no escape ability of any kind (teleporter takes too long to setup to actually help you escape vs. a decent player).

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I don’t care about aim or no aim or “accessibility” or whatever, but I think reverting Symmetra’s primary will give her the self defense she’s still lacking after the rework. The old version was functional, the new one isn’t; so to me this is about going back to what actually worked. GM sym mains can use their faster orbs for aim outplays anyway.

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That’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

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You missed my return post. Sorry, idk if you’re for or against me, sorry.

What? Anyway. Nobody who knew me knows I’m here and in a way, I’m not so keep my return between me and you cuz I haven’t officially returned.

To be honest, having her old primary fire with a few tweaks would be absolutely excellent with her current kit, giving her a more powerful way to get guaranteed close-range damage instead of just spamming balls.

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K, tired of making links…

I’m not sure why you linked my thread, I don’t think Sym should be reverted. I was just commenting on the number of revert threads.

I was just pointing out how many revert threads there are… yours is a shortcut basically. (Also was kinda a theme of the thread… but then got too bored.)

ohhhh noo you cant aim so you need back auto aim :((( lets cry :’(

…this comes from a Tracer main…

of course only tracer !!

Cause if reverted, you would have to deal with this again… right? (Seen tracer mains complain about it.)

yeah… i love fair battle i dont like auto aim. i think moira is enough and… brigitte…

i hope her primary is never reverted

they have a much better, more interesting, and easier to balance kit now than before