New Country Flags: process of decisition?

It has to do with politics and getting consent from the Government.

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Players wanted flags of their countries, so they gave them such.


We try to include as many flags as we legally can. If we had it our way, every nation’s flag would be in the game.


Hmm, any info on the Polish flag that was removed?


Can you give us an example of legalities that exist to make it hard to include certain ones. I ask this genuinely not sarcastially as this sounds like a very murky area.

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Our EU legal team made us remove it.


That would be sweet.

Then the advert for Summer Games could be “More than 200 new cosmetic items!!!”


Damn Jeff is out here today.


Thank you for the Canadian flag finally.


Canada Flag? Any words on that?

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Jeff I don’t want to be that guy but as a person who has advocated for Hog bug fixes for two years now I plead you, please take a look at this.


Will we get any replacement flags in lieu of Poland?

Ha ha ha… “This is better than year 3 where we had over 50 ‘new’ cosmetic items!”

I’ll buy lootboxes if thats what it takes, but I need this.

There’s already one in game. It came with this summer game.

That’s sad. Every flag and nationality in this game is displayed with pride and honor in a completely positive way. It saddens me greatly that any nation would take issue with being represented this way.


Oh I know. Thats why I started playing again. I stopped around the Hanzo buff. :smiley:

Huh, I didn’t realize it cus it wasn’t under that new “what’s new tab” oka my bad carry on

It doesn’t work like this, because voice lines/sprays are of different rarity than player icons.

All good my man! Good luck with the icon! Maybe grind it out and collect as many loot boxes as you can. You could also buy all the blue items to force the lootbox system into giving you icons.