No Polish flag icon?

I’m pretty sure that the flag was leaked before the event but now it’s gone.
Is it bug or Blizzard just deleted it ?


they are just ignoring us, such big disappointment… 40.000.000 people, tens of millions with polish herritage in US alone, almost 10.000.000 openly admitting it, few millions in Brasil, few millions in Germany, UK … this makes a lot of people… ignored
they are just pretending nothing happened
meanhwile they added smaller countries, with even lesser presence in OW lore… :confused:

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I know right, i’m very dissapointed as I’m Polish.
It makes me feel offended that it’s the only flag that got ignored.
It also makes me feel like they are pretty much racist by not giving a slight dang about it, like it’s the only flag that didn’t get into the game. We got alot of youtubers who respresent overwatch, we were in overwatch world cup. They are just making themselves hated by that. No new gamemode for summer games, no promised drop, over 15 drops being player icons… That’s trash. I honestly barely like the event… I only appreciate the event cause of the ana skin they gave us cause i like it… but rest is just sh*

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absolutley the worst thing is the lack of communication on their part
even short answer would do

Maybe they have realized that the variant without the coat of arms would be better? The variant with the coat of arms is used almost exclusively as a naval ensign.

I hope they will add the Polish flag in the future.

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I don’t mean to be rude but, there were several countries whose flags weren’t added in 2016 and 2017. It’s not that they don’t care or forgot, it’s that they can only put in so much content at a given time in order to reduce bugs. Everything no matter what it is will cause problems. Just be patient and it will come, or already has. I don’t know. Just appreciate the game for what it is over a player icon that at the end of the day doesn’t mean too much. It’s just a game, and Blizzard is made of people; people make mistakes.

Yesterday i created topic about that. After several minutes flag was removed from press center and still no answer from Blizzard.

there is also thread on general discussion because its not bug

we touched on that in this thread on gen-disc.

Why is there no polish flag, WHY am i forced to use Austrian! WHY WHY WHY

Jeff said they had to remove the flag!

How is that ok?! There is even a Polish team in the world cup for OW - Cmon - wtf!

so it means that their lawyers decided in last moment that it resembles too much original and they pulled it back
national symbols are public property so they cant copyright it as OW asset

i BELIEVE and HOPE that they will add it in next patch (with eagle, not without because even in polish law it is preffered with eagle in this case)