So, is Polish flag going to be added or is it scrapped?

Some wanted to redesign the eagle but all the paperworks and law behind it makes it all problematic. So they just left it as it is.

Makes sense most people have a sense of pride from there home countrys flag and that brings all sorts of taboos and other silly stuff that can make it into the law

Not gonna lie the flag without symbol should be added as the eagle was kinda scuffed in that icon. But at least we had a player icon even tho it didnt last very long.


It might not be too late tho they may still just be working out technicalities to get into the game especially since it was advertised as an addition to the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got it into the game on an upcoming patch

True, that or in silent patch.

Every flag in Overwatch is related to at least one map or hero.

We don’t have a polish map or hero YET.


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Nah, they added multiple flags unrelated to anything in OW this event, I’d love what you’re saying to be true, but it most likely isn’t xd

Nah, they added multiple flags unrelated to anything in OW this event

Which one is not related to anything? I want to know D:

Don’t remember any hero or map from Argentina or Romania

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I did some research, and I must say, that you’re unfortunately right :c

We can still dream though xd

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(20 charactes.)

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I lost hope for the flag alrady, which sucks

Hey guys… is there any update/comment on situation/reasons of what happened somewhere on forums or sites?

I am away and i dont have internet here to monitor situation

Jeff confirmed that they were asked to remove it by the EU team.

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Thanks for info… is there any reason given why they did that?

No clue. Probably some legal thing


Yep, our lord replied to me, his official answer is at the top of the thread.

W Trójmieście jesteś?
Przejdź się na targ jeśli jeszcze nie byłeś, jeszcze kilka dni otwarty będzie. Ciekawe rzeczy tam mają.

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And this is what i am talking about… short, clear answer from devs or CM team… long we have waited, but there it is finally… communication

So its legal issue
OK, now we know it… they have problems with copyrighting it because it was seen by copyright lawyer as too simmilar to orginal flag…

Because it is public asset and it cant be ‘copywrited’ they simply have to change it so they can use it and protect it as part of overwatch

Looking at Austria or Argentina flags they are not going to do ‘least effort’ and art team will include very important detail (eagle) … this is something worthy of mentioning … it should be included (!!) and what happened now gives me hope that they are really trying to do best they can

What we can deduce is that they will modify official colour and eage to such degree that they will be able to copywright it… as a ovrrwatch asset…
I know a little bit about it, because i had private entrprise that used graphics so i had designs resembeling it, but obviously i couldnt copywright a national symbol
… blizz needs to protect their content, so they had to do it, but they want in this case to make it as simmilar to our symbol as possible, so we could relate to it

This increased my respect to their team… but theres too litte COMMUNICATION with us… short answer from Jeff or anyone just made it clear and we could avoid all of this

Robimy objazd po Zachodniopomorskim, wracam do miasta świętej wieży pojutrze… pozdro :bangbang: :slight_smile:


Polandball can’t into Overwatch

Sure it can… but not Polandball… btw. I love countryballs humour :slight_smile: