So, is Polish flag going to be added or is it scrapped?

An official response from Jeff about the issue:

Because it was supposed to be there:

But it’s nowhere to be seen in the game.


i am pushing this on bug forums, because we thought that was a bug in the beginning, but they seem not to be interrested in answering

because we know it was/is/// existed we could HELP them to make it right
but its this famous blizzard’s “oh we are listening to our fans and playerbase


I know, that’s where I got the pic from, but I’m trying to get some traction here.

they could at least answer in their usual manner ‘its in rework’ or ‘its pushed to world cup’… anything… but lack of any information, communication is just so disappointing
(not even mentioning cooperation)

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It’s just a tease. Just add it to the long list of disappointments.

I just hope that they didn’t scrap the idea completely.
Having the icon for OWWC would be awesome.

I got that on a lootbox today, though you say it can’t be equipped?

it is gone from profile list of player icons and it was removed from files for press
so thats why we are trying to get any clarification from blizz… but thats almost like making red sea split to walk by

I checked the icon list after the little hotfix patch, it still wasn’t there, unless I somehow missed it, but I doubt it.

so i checked out today and still there is no update, no info from devs or community managers
is it bug? do people get it from LBoxes? (because there are no comments on polish sites that tell us if anybody got it etc. )

if there is problem with designing it, if it was pulled because of that and artist dont know what and how to do - WE ARE HERE TO HELP make it as it should be
if devs have problems/questions with how it should look like, what are rules and differences in Polish law, what heraldry rules they should apply, how to avoid profanation with making it similar to (imposed) communist one, etc.

now as we know it - Polish flag should be here in Overwatch and we alredy know how it looked like… we can discuss it… Blizz dont make it nuclear military grade secret !!

i will do my own analysis of this flag and will try to HELP… you know, always trying to be constructive - but recenlty it is particularly hard here… because there is absolutely ZERO interest on blizz part

so heres how it looks like now:

Because it was supposed to be there:

But it’s nowhere to be seen in the game.
lets zoom it and compare it to an actual one, because there are few problems that i can already detect and give ADVICE and context for artist that is making it…

remember that Polish white eagle is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) continuously used symbol of a nation in europe and it represent european eagle

(King Bolesław Chrobry coin from 1000 years ago)

(high res Polish coat of arms

  1. WINGS
    in heraldry eagle wings should be turned up, because this symbolizes readiness for flight - it represents freedom, lack of boundaries…
    here feathers are turned DOWN instead of UP

during WW2 soviets created pseudo polish forces and gave them communist modified symbol of eagle without crown, with wings down and changed many things like motto of our military… it looked awfull in general
it looked like this

so compare feathers of the actual polish eagle and this communist one to what we could see in this Overwatch version

  1. PAWS
    golden talons
  2. HEAD

    after zooming out head looks bad, like chicken one, without characteristic, noble shapes of an eagle, golden elements
  3. CROWN
    now compare it to Overwatch version
    this is how Polish Crown looked like IRL
    contour of red background shield is wrong
    according to law
    white #E9E8E7
    red #D4213D

Some differences are not that big. The crown can’t be detailed that much giving how little space there is.

Also, i don’t think that they used the wrong colours. I think that the icon itself had the exact colours, but because of the lighting in the scene (yellowish, near sunset) the colours can be slightly different if we check them with the color picker straight from that image.

I’m dissapointed that you get no information on this when it was clearly showed as being an upcoming item.


yes, i am perfectly aware that this is too small size to give out details, but i am ‘photoshopy person’ so i know they could do a better job in this element

my biggest disappointment is that they simply dont communicate with us - we go legit issue here, we want to make it better, we got arguments… but we are talking to a wall :confused:


I hope you get answers. Removing a flag icon after advertising it, then saying nothing about it, is just the sort of pathetic thing expected from here. :/


I mean, I can live without it, but it does suck a lot that it’s gone.

Wearing my national colours for the OWWC would just be a cool thing to do xd

Such a beautiful flag. I hope they haven’t run into legal issues and it’s just a bug.
I’d use that icon and I’m brazilian. :joy:


At some point, they loaded it up.
As to whether or not they actually read it…

Thanks ^^
The flag itself is just white and red though, the eagle is our coat of arms.

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flag colours derive from coat of arms and its perfectly ‘legal’ and fine to wave both because both of them has equal status THO with coat of arms is required by law to be in public/goverment buildings like airports, embassies, bases and everywhere abroad

clean white and red flag is described in law as flag consisting of national colours, and national colours are those from coat of arms… because when our national symbols were created theree was no ‘nations’ as we think of them today

there are people who talk nonsense and think that polish flag with eagle is navy bandera … but thts just pure nonsense and ignorance on their part
both flags are official, but law is not quite precise because it describes only national colours, how flag should look like (proportions etc.) but describes places where flag with eagle MUST be… thats why people confuse things that it (with eagle) can ONLY be in certain places

also historical symbol of polish navy is this:

so Polish flag with eagle on it i would say is perfect choice if its about Overwatch, because it is game that represents countries (and symbolizes our country - if it will get there) abroad


It’s so pretty :heart_eyes:
I almost ended up working at CD PRed, so I guess I have a thing for Poland. :slight_smile:

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thank you, after our independence was restored our national colours were established by law because people gathered with cotillions representing white eagle or red background, because after 123 years of partitions not many people had national symbols (they were forbidden)

now colours on our flag represent not only heraldry from middle ages and first Dutchy and Kingdom, but allso stand for purity (of soul) and blood (spilled and sacrifice by our ancestors for independence and freedom) because our nation was formed in preety special circumstances… spring of nations, emancipation of women, uniting all social classes etc.

fun fact
Poland had one colony

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