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someone tell me what it said.

the clause would be defaulting to agreeing to display your stats by playing the game.

removing it would be no longer playing the game.

the ideas you are trying to push are implemented in other systems in every game

like toxicity rules.

there is a law that you must explicitly let the user know the rules, and get their consent, and allow them to withdraw consent at any time, if you are going to remove their ability to use the product they paid for because of rule infractions.

yet there is no changing whether or not you want to follow those rules.

they were asking for a website like overbuff from overwatch, since overbuff no longer works because of private profiles

the size of the sample is not the issue. its always about the quality of the sample.
in my opinion the data on overbuff is not good enough anymore to make valid conclusions. it has too many bias, you can take the overbuff data and analyze it but it can’t be used to draw conclusions about the whole playerbase.

that’s why I said the sample size isn’t big enough my dude

Law is very powerful folks

Except legally Blizzard and anyone who operates within the EU cannot do that anymore. GDPR law that was instated says that consumers should have more controls over their data and this includes in games, so even though I can see why you’d want your alternative, that’s not feasible.

The issue isn’t that Blizzard has your data, it’s how they handle it and who they give it out to. They can’t just display it to everyone anymore unless specific users agree to, and it’s not up to Blizzard to decide for all of us now.

If they just decided you can’t use their product or play their game anymore unless you consent to sharing your data at all times, they simply can’t operate in the EU anymore. And websites who don’t want to comply simply block EU IPs now. That would hurt Blizzard to do that, so they don’t.

And they were transparent about that. If a law required them to add private profiles, they would not sit there and take all of the blame and literally try to compromise with the community, which would hypothetically be impossible.

ah so its a EU thing, well that explains it. I (as self centered as this may sound) thought this was referring to American laws, because im American.

no its not about the size.

its about the QUALITY of the sample.

you can make a study with 20 people … or one with 10 000 people… the 20 people study can be better than 10.000 because it has less bias and confunding.

you are basically right that the data cant be used anymore but you are wrong about the reason.

Europe is very powerful :slight_smile:

Sorry for not elaborating that. :slight_smile: While it doesn’t directly affect you though, it’s much easier to put this system across all regions, especially as you can play on any of the 3 public regions and the PTR from the EU. I used to regularly play on NA servers with American friends, so Blizzard has to work around that since I’m based in the EU.

ah yes, meta implications, forgot about that, I was thinking more just raw stats, because the person I was debating was trying to say “we need to see pick and win rates”

so the idea was that overbuff isn’t reliable because it doesn’t show a full spectrum.

my point was they wanted to know the pick rates across the board for every hero at every rank. the argument that “they would only use it to bully people into playing meta heros” (which I don’t believe, im just pushing their own point onto them) is the sense of perceived meta. meta derived through stats, and not actual meta.

like the ladder thought meta was double sniper with rien zarya when it was triple tank hanzo zen mercy, but they couldn’t pull it off so ladder meta was different.

that’s where the disconnect is.

im talking about perceived meta

Apparently, because, if we were to assume this law was precisely the reason we have private profiles, they changed it universally for one continent. So, if this is indeed true, yes… Europe is very powerful. At least to Blizzard. Stand up to China, stand up to Russia… But cave to… A European privacy law? It could just apply for them, easily. But they, under the great weight of Europe, decided that everyone should suffer the consequences of a law that likely has more to do with relevant information than game stats. Lul.

Think that’s because people in EU have the ability to play on other regions.

I mean while yes you can argue that “Europe is powerful” it’s more that is it worth it to fight or reject the demands of this law? Probably not, you’d eliminate an entire region’s playerbase which also impacts their esport they’re so invested in. So it’s not just one country they’d be rejecting, but a collection of many.

That honestly sounds like a separate issue that could have been addressed. But what do I know?

Same, what do I know?

Made this thread under the assumption that private profiles wouldn’t be a hindrance. Don’t worry, I’m full on pro-private profile.

obviously not if you want things you cant have with private profiles. being “full on pro something” means you are okay with everything about it, not just some specific parts

Well I was under the assumption that private profiles wouldn’t play a part in this thread. :man_shrugging:t2: My incompetence is to blame but I am full on pro-private profile.