So We're Being Lied to Now

Check the patch notes and verify this. The notes say there are over 50 new seasonal items - and yet, when one looks at the ‘What’s new?’ menu, you can see there are only 31 new unlock-able items. What’s next Blizzard? Telling us the Sombra changes are good and that the community wants them? Or that Rein’s Earthshatter visual change was only for aesthetic and not to mask knowing if someone was meant to get shattered down or not because you can’t or won’t change fix that Ult? Oh wait…

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well the “whats new” doesnt include profile pics


Suprise! There’s actually 30 player icons :neutral_face:

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case closed

why don’t they include icons? OH RIGHT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BUY THEM

“buy a lootbox you scrub” -activision-blizzard


now thats bothersome tbh because it doesnt take that much time to make those things. Especially the flags. They can finish that stuff like two in an hour or so, and then code it into the game in like 30 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

what does take time is things like the cute sprays. Those require a bit of inspiration and planning to make. Not like a week of planning unless its like a game based thing thats going to be applied to all characters like cute profile pics of all characters because thats a theme.

And they still don’t have the polish flag icon, it’s in a lootbox but you can’t find or equip it ingame, it’s just gone…


And this surprises you?

what do you mean fam?

Sure is a lot of icons i’ll never use

(I keep getting banned from forums for triggering mercy mains so i cant link it but) look in bug report forum under “polish flag” as a search term

They’ve previously stated that there are legal hurdles that have to be cleared before using country flags. That stuff never happens quickly.

I think you may be doing more then just “triggering mercy mains”


i called this guy out for calling the LGBT community “the alphabet soup” and i got banned because i told him they might get triggered.
i’ve been banned for no reasson way too many times that idgaf anymore

Who was it you called out? FTR, I checked my replies just to make sure it wasn’t me lol, I didn’t think I said the phrase, “alphabet soup” in that thread.

I think they had to remove for legal reasons.

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They probably just have low motivation because they spend too much time on the forums.



We already have an official answer about the Polish flag.
They were forced to remove it.


the forums are kinda toxic.
Even the side that thinks they’re not toxic is toxic, aka the people who bash on mercy players and not be reasonable about it.