INCLUSION so Where is My flag then?

Where is my country flag?


It would be cool if there was a flag for all countries…

I think there are legal reasons or something I don’t know…

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Some countries just aren’t cool enough.

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That’s the answer, some countries don’t allow that

They should add the Palestinian flag. They won’t, but they should.

is your country important?
thought so

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Blizzard needs permission from a country in order to use their flag. They’d have every country’s flag in the game, were it up to them.

different countries have different laws on how the flag itself and how representations of the flag are protected, for your country it might not be that blizz doesn’t want to include them, it could just be that they dont want their flag used

They ask currency for the flags. If they would be free, all countries would let them use it.

it’s a fair point. there should be flags for religions, atheism, race, being straight, as well as banners and flags for being straight as well as other sexualities. If you disagree you’re bigoted and not interested in inclusion.

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