Mythic Skins Now Available (Update)

Update 2 - The Mythic Shop is back online but some players may encounter an issue where trying out a Mythic Skin doesn’t work as intended in the Practice Range. We plan to permanently fix the issue in a future patch.

Update - We have now reenabled Mythic Skins to be equipped again in matches. We are still keeping the Mythic Skin shop disabled as we continue to work on the overall issue, and we’ll update here again when the shop is open to unlock Mythic skins. Thanks for your patience!

Original Post

We are temporarily disabling all Mythic Skins as we investigate an issue discovered in today’s patch that is leading to crashes or disconnections from various matches when those skins are equipped. If you currently have any Mythic Skins equipped, you may find your heroes reverted to the default Overwatch 2 skin in your next game. You can still equip any Rare, Epic, or Legendary skin. We have also disabled the Mythic Shop until we can resolve this issue. You can still continue to collect Mythic Prisms in the Premium Battle Pass.

We will update this post when we know more. Leaver Penalties have been waived from any previous match instance since this issue began. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.