Hanzo's Scatter Arrow's accidental buff

How could this have happened with so much hatred for this ability… is suppose it was an oversight from the devs when putting it back after removing it to test his new ability… yet its pretty funny, it doesnt even make him that good, albeit better on his tank-burst niche, whats peoples thoughts on this?

To anyone who doesnt know : the cooldown has been reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10.


Probably just pushed forwards by mistake; probably the new ability cooldown

Though the buff has actually helped him go from the bottom winrate, to 3rd from the bottom

He now beats Ana (2nd worst) and Sombra (Worst)


What did they do to his arrow lol

I have a feeling they knew what they did…they wanted to give you time to shoot as many scatters as you can before it’s removed. Enjoy it while it lasts but just know. I’m writing down the names of all the scatter Hanzos who are taking advantage of the buff and waiting until the time is right…


It went from 10 second CD to 8

Doesnt seem like something Blizz would do lol…
W-Waiting for time to do… what? :sweat:

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they prob wont fix it until the rework is complete either, losing faith in this company …

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His winrate and pickrate have barely changed, Ana and Sombra are just performing worse this week.

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Yeah probably, they could probably be curious on how Hanzo would work with a 8 seconds scatter as well… so far it still feel like hes really weak, tho on low levels he might be pretty good i suppose.

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Dev team feed on salt. Now they’re finally sated


It’s funny because 8 seconds did nothing. Scatter is still inconsistent and doesn’t make Hanzo amazing anyway. The only reason why it’s “OMG 8 SECONDS!” is because that’s how wildfire works.

Gotta amp up that appalled feeling.

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Naw it was just a little slap in the face to players everywhere. Until they bring in the fix. Poor orisa though


This is unintended. As some people have guessed, this is an accidental change that came from his big changes coming next update.

We’re looking at reverting this, but there is a chance we end up leaving it as-is for now since we’re planning on releasing the next update fairly quickly anyway.


tbh it would make sense to just leave it
no point in reverting it considering his scatter will be replaced soon


Thanks for the confirmation. Please keep up the good work.

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So much for all the people saying it’s intentional and has nothing to do with his rework. Thanks for the reply Geoff!

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Please leave it, let Hanzo teach as many geometry lessons as he can since he has such a short time left in that field.


So that means that Rialto and Hanzo update are coming this week? Sweet!

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If its tomorrow ok, but if you leave this in for the next week there is some serious questionable judgement going on over there.


Thanks for letting us know. I don’t think people will be too upset if you just leave it for now, if it’d be too troublesome to change it back.

Unrelated question: Does this swiftly approaching patch have any changes for main tanks in it? There has been a great deal of discomfort among the community in regards to the current state of those heroes specifically.