Hanzo Buff?! (Title must be at least 15 characters)

So scatter is buffed from being a 10 second cool down to 8 seconds. This was never announced for the PTR nor the live servers, it’s a bs instakill ability that is being reworked cause everyone feels cheated when they’re killed by it, and now it happens every 8 seconds, and the devs still haven’t even acknowledged it as a known bug, buff, change at all. I hate to assume the ease or difficulty of patching a game, and I don’t know anything about how the game engine works in that regard, but this legit takes about 10-12 seconds to fix in custom games settings, i cannot believe that they didn’t get it on this patch day. It’s just so hard to take them seriously when they announce balance changes, and how carefully they need to consider everything when things like this happen every 6 months or so.

Jeff already said about this.

Cool, I never saw that post and it isn’t listed in “known bugs” like it probably should be. Instead they just make an “ehh f*ck it” post about it lol. They say that the new changes are coming soon but they’ll probably be stuck in PTR until this season is over anyway. I just think its funny how much it seems like they don’t care.