Hanzo's Scatter Arrow's accidental buff

I am not complaining. I got the Simply Geometry achievement last night.

What is going to happen to that achievement?

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This is the best news I ever could have heard, thank you for this. But yeah, might as well just leave it as is for now if you’re planning on pushing his big update soon anyway.

Update when? Tomorrow? Please say its tomorrow :wink:


How difficult is it to do a numbers tweak? I know it might be hard for consoles, but for pc at least?

Because I have to admit, it’s feeling really bad fighting Hanzos right now and I’d like to see it changed.


I would leave in the game. It’s not game breaking.

Hanzos usually dont always just use it when its off cooldown. It barely makes a difference from Hanzos perspective. It doesnt make him busted.


I dunno, I’m certainly seeing more “15 scatter kills 20 eliminations” cards lately. I’m definitely noticing it making heroes like Hog more frustrating to play as it’s harder to use the safety periods between scatters.

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20 eliminations isnt really that amazing for a dps.

Depends on the duration of the game.

Sure. Which length are we talking about?

In this case one where a Hanzo might get 20 elims, I suppose.

Okay different question. What were you playing and how many elims did you get that round?

Who would win?

  1. 600 HP Brutal enforcer known for 1HKOing anyone in his path
  2. One geometric boi
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OK now you really gotta get the Hanzo rework done before the season cutoff


It has to be this week. Jeff already mentioned mid april.

Super excited for this new change as Hanzo is one of my most played characters :smile:

He said PTR mid April. It has to be live before the end of the month or it could get pushed all the way off to Season 11.

Even if its pushed for season 11, i dont think its really an issue.
Wait, arent we hitting season 10 first? xD

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^ dude give us back downvotes for stuff like this


Watch the PTR be updated tomorrow and go live first week of May

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