Cant even hotfix their admitted mistake

Its pretty sad, that you are unable to value a 2 sec CD change

You might be the only person on earth who thinks this is serious. I work in software development. Let me tell you a little secret, we leave things in environments that are unintended but non critical all the damn time to be fixed later. It’s called a priority system🤷🏾‍♂️


Regardless of how much effort it might take at Blizzard HQ, any patch big or small has to go through an annoying process to be verified by the console companies. This process can take several days to several weeks, all of which is out of Blizzard’s control. Patching is not a trivial process.


Not as sad as you over valuing it. It’s pretty telling that even with 8 second scatter Hanzo is still F tier.

Blizzard likes to learn things the hard way. And then not learn even then.

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They straight up said that they might not bother fixing it. Leaving it is completely intentional and it’s not like we weren’t warned.

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You need to wait in line. We’re still waiting for Reinhardt and Sombra fixes. Since Hanzo is automatically fixed with his rework, thats low priority.

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It makes very little sense to fix it.

It’s not a game-breaking issue. 20% cooldown off an ability. Bad? Yeah. Urgent? No, it’s not even a mild issue, it’s a pretty small one.

If you task someone to work on a quick scatter hotfix, that’s effort that won’t be going to something else. Meaning you’re trading a faster/better Sym rework, bug fixing or whatever else for a second pass on something low-priority that will fix itself in a short time.

It would be a very questionable management choice.


Go figure that console peasants are holding this game back.

PC should get more frequent patches that get rolled all into larger patches for the controller serfs.

Please, if you are ignorant (it’s ok if you are) about patching games, don’t post things like this.


That happened with Bastion but then the console players complained.

I don’t think you know anything about game design. Considering they had to go and make new animations, while also removing scatter. During the creation process, there are many thing that can go wrong. One of them being a model might stretch or shrink due to a minor oversight.

Making a game (like Overwatch) is hard work, because everything has to be built from the ground up. Wireframes, collision planes, and then let’s not forget about the characters and the game objectives have to be programmed in as well.

Maybe take a look into game design before making comments like this.

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If the fresh-out-of-the-oven game-breaking catastrophically hilarious retribution/uprising exploit gets patched urgently, they probably roll out the scatter fix along with it.

Exactly!!! I couldn’t agree with you more.

It isn’t causing a lot of problems and it is already going to be addressed by the upcoming changes. They have other bugs and changes they are working on too and every thing you try to fix matters when you are trying to meet deadlines. Fixing this might mean another more important bug isn’t fixed.

Not to mention that everything has to go through QA and sometimes things interact in unexpected ways and it has to be approved for console. Nothing is only 5 minutes of work.

What? All ten of them?

I dont see how console players are holding the game back. PC already has the PTR and they can easily patch the game back to normal but they choose not to. Doesnt seem like an issue to me

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Then don’t play the game? I mean sometimes its that simple. If you don’t like the developer then don’t play their games.

Because patches even for PC have to wait for console approvements for Sony/Microsoft.

This game should be getting weekly patches not every few months.

This is just silly lmao

“Should”. Doesnt mean Blizzard “would” do that even if it was only on PC