You pushed an update and *still* left the Hanzo buff in?

He’s not instantly more viable because he can scatter more. It’s still an awfully inconsistent ability.


Says who ?

Could be for a week for all you know.

That’s just it though, they didn’t tell us when. They have something broken/unintentional and should have been fixed yesterday, but decided to leave it in till later when it qualifies as a hotfix issue. Its terrible QA and is setting a bad precedent moving forward. What happens if they release something that fundamentally changes the game for the worse, they’ll say “screw it, leave it in” because we as paying customers didn’t call them out.


That’s just more proof that Hanzo change wasn’t an accident. If it were, changing one number in code is all it takes to fix it. But it probably isn’t. They probably decreased the cooldown intentionally so that they could gauge how will it affect Hanzo and his winrate if scatter is more available than before. Then they can use that as an indicator of how important scatter to Hanzo is so that they can decide on the cooldowns of the new abilities.


If it’s game breaking, then we can complain.

Something that isn’t really all that significant that’ll be removed in two weeks or so ? I don’t see the problem

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Ever heard the phrase “give an inch, they’ll take a mile”?


You’re complaining based on prediction ?

I’m complaining because this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. We keep being ok with things like this what is to stop them from pushing the envelope? They are a business with a product, if they want to remain profitable QA needs to be a priority unless we really are dumb enough to just take what we get, no questions asked.


If it’s not significant and it’s getting removed soon ,I don’t see any reason to whine.

The fact that if it matters, we’ll complain.

To me ,it sounds like it isn’t about business or whatnot ,it’s about you being salty that your mains got their counter buffed for a short while .

Except I don’t have any real issues with Hanzo, but if this was unintentional, like so many other things they’ve done, AND its not something community or testing approved it should not be in the game, PERIOD.

You really shouldn’t be fanboy-ing them over this, it just tells them this is OK behavior as such a high level developer.

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Wait are you literally trying to say that the hero who was used as an insult was overpowered?


It’s not hard to go into the code and change the scatter cooldown number from 8 to 10, it’s just an excuse to be lazy.


i wouldnt mind it if they hadnt also released the 6v6 elimination at the same time. its crap playing lockout and being 1shot or near 1shot as a tank.

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You be very surprise how complicated that is. Seeing how changing one thing effect code else where.

Then you deal with hanzo for one match and if they win, he gone for all other round, and that if they manage to hit scatter arrow perfectly before you take him out or what not. Nothing really change on that front then.

Lol. Jeff even said they’d change it in the next update. And they didn’t.

He said it’d be better to leave it for now since the next update is coming out so fast, and it came out, and it’s still not fixed.

Also, it’s legitimately changing 1 thing. 1 variable. The cooldown.

There are no excuses here.


There’s no telling how complex their system is to bring up something so simple though. I’ve heard rumor Destiny 2 takes upwards of 8 hours to open up config files to edit.

Hopefully on April 30th they’ll fix it, but I guess having a buffed Hanzo for a month or more doesn’t really matter because he’ll be changed :man_shrugging:

except the update they meant must not have been that one. This one was just some bug fixes for the event game mode, and not the one they plan on when mentioning the “fix” for hanzo.