I assume PTR patch goes live with season 10?

It feels logical, they did it with sombra “buff” and also Brigitte comes to competitive, no reason to hold longer.

Possibly not, seeing as how the next season starts in a week and a half. Though, I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this one.

The hero changes will be live, but I doubt Rialto will. Hopefully the NEVER do this crappy near-two month waiting game for new characters again. I can be fine with 2 freaking weeks for them. Never. Again.

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Geoff was talking about just leaving the accidental scatter buff in game because they planned to push the patch through quickly.

Based on this, I would guess either everything is being pushed through for the new season, or everything except the map is being pushed through, and they’ll release the map to Live QP/Arcade like mid-late May, then to comp Season 11.

You’re on the money, balance and bug fixes will be live asap, map will have at least three weeks in ptr.