#Comp Mystery Heroes #Comp 2-2-2 Mystery Roles/Heroes #Fix SR System for Swapping Heroes below Diamond

Three ideas to make the game even better:

  • Comp Mystery Heroes
  • Comp 2-2-2 Mystery Roles/Heroes
  • Fix the SR System for Swapping Heroes below Diamond

If you want to help me spread the word to get Blizzard to develop these ideas, you can copy/paste the bottom line into game chat or other places where Overwatch is discussed.

To make it look nice for game chat, paste it into notepad, then add about 15 spaces between the first two ideas and about 18 spaces between the last two ides. I suggest only pasting it into game chat once or twice a game. No one likes a spammer.

#Comp Mystery Heroes #Comp 2-2-2 Mystery Roles/Heroes #Fix the SR System for Swapping Heroes below Diamond


These are horribly long hashtags.


great a comp mode where we will just throw until we get the hero we want. What can go wrong

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If you don’t like to play all the heroes, play a different mode.

Plenty of people like to play all the heroes. That’s one of the reasons Mystery Heroes is North America’s most popular mode.


Hell yeah, I’ve been asking for comp mystery heroes for years!


How would a competitive game mode work though? For eg. 2CP - attacking team relies heavily on ultimates to cap both points. One lost team fight and you’re back to square one. Almost every game will just be a “rolled or get rolled” coin flip - if everyone gets a hero they’re good at, your team will snowball. If you start off with heroes people aren’t comfortable on, you’ll be hardstuck at point A.

If you want your sr to be in the hands of a coin flip, then sure add mystery heroes comp mode.

The SR system would rate people based on win-rates across all heroes. There is a greater gap between players when you consider win-rates among all the heroes.

You don’t always need an ult to take a 2CP point, especially in mystery heroes.

Ult charge also builds up over time. So, if you always have an escape plan, you’re good, and you play smart, you can easily get at least one ult before dying.


Oh, so regular comp?

In all seriousness, it’s an arcade mode, I’m for it. I think it’d be hilarious as hell. Only if we add No Limits, Low Grav, and Mayhem to the mix as well.

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That is why blizz never have or never will do Comp MH

To win in MH, more luck is needed – and way more skill since you need to know how to play all the heroes well.

It will come to pass.