Can we get another Developer Update?


I would note it is a Thursday specifically after a live patch release. The trend in the last few patches the next testing patch usually releases the Thursday after a Live Patch Tuesday. However there is no guarantee that this will happen. Back in the day, PTR patches and live patch releases were weeks apart from each other.


it’s not that deep fam


That’s exactly something a talon agent would say. They are our overwatch family. You can’t break our loving bond.


I mean, I’d love to hear an update about literally ANYTHING in the game. The Torb rework, the new social feature they claimed they would release around now, some changes to competitive. At least something to tell us they’ve realized this is the worst the game’s been and they’re trying to fix it.


I just want another Yule log with Jeff stream this year!

(Jeff Kaplan) #24

We just recorded a Developer Update. Should go up next week.

New PTR Patch Next Week
Developer Update Tomorrow!
Developer update today <3
Mercy 1 Year Later | Was a Rework Really Necessary?
Over watch update?

More Dinoflask footage coming


I like the way you think.


sounds like jeff is hinting at some huge changes


Do you think Doomfist is fine right now?


Jeff we missed you!! :sob:


Glad to hear it Jeff! Love seeing you and the other devs on the forums whenever you can. It helps build trust within the community :slight_smile:


hmmm…dev updates usually come during a big patch or major news no? NEXT week? what could it be…we just had a patch…



Jeff! You are here!! I missed you! :sob: Please give us the meka squad one day! I need D.mon in my life. I love them. Tell Chu I said he did amazing with the designs. Your team did a phenomenal job with the whole piece. Keep them going for us! :heart:️ I’m so happy!


Now I know we are close to the Halloween Terror event because I’ve just seen a ghost.


Torb rework hitting PTR soon? :thinking:


Will the next developer update be truthful and honest? Is it actually worth watching it for a change?


I was afraid that you have gave up on those.


I hope it addresses Mercy’s current state. :weary: The expectations for her most recent nerf have not been met.


It could be the new social feature.